Reconstructive Plastic Surgery: When Is It Indicated?

For some people, having a corrective procedure is not just a matter of vanity. In many cases, the patient needs reconstructive or reconstructive plastic surgery. But do you know in which situations these procedures are indicated? So, continue reading this post. We will explain everything you need to know about this topic.

What Is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

There are two types of plastic surgery — aesthetic and reconstructive. In cosmetic plastic surgery, the person wants to improve their appearance. Therefore, she does not like a feature such as the size of her nose, butt, and breasts and improves this region. Reconstructive plastic surgery is indicated for another purpose. It aims to rebuild the body of a patient who suffers from some deformity caused by several reasons.

What Is The Importance Of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Everyone has the right to feel good about their appearance. For some, the path is self-acceptance. Others understand that they will only achieve this goal if they change their body or face. We must understand that each human being is unique. Therefore, while some consider the change in appearance as a matter of vanity, for others, it is essential to well-being.

This becomes even more true when life—congenitally or through accidents—causes deformities. So, surgery is essential for the recovery of self-esteem and the formation of a positive image. It is always worth noting that, by the time they get plastic surgery, most of these people have already suffered a lot from their appearance. Unfortunately, bullying, mean nicknames, and other embarrassments are part of these stories.

Lifting After Big Weight Loss

After losing a lot of weight, the person is left with large excesses of skin. They are quite common in the abdomen, breasts, and even arms and legs. Sometimes, the patient must remove the flaccidity, even from the back. A facelift after bariatric surgery is also considered reconstructive surgery. In these cases, the most common procedures are abdominoplasty and mammoplasty or mastopexy. Even without bariatric surgery, significant weight loss can leave these consequences. Thus, the facelift is also considered a Reconstructive Surgery.

How To Choose The Doctor For My Reconstructive Plastic Surgery?

Reconstructive plastic surgery is quite delicate. After all, in addition to the patient going through a process that changes his appearance and affects him psychologically, the situation can be quite specific. Therefore, we recommend that the patient always looks for a specialist such as Amjad Z. Ahmad, M.D. for example.

The physician’s affiliation with the SBCP means that he has gone through all stages of learning and improvement. In this way, he demonstrated his preparedness to deal with each of these challenges and achieve the best possible outcome for his patients.

You can live in peace with your appearance! Book your appointment with our specialists and start planning your reconstructive plastic surgery.

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