Reasons To Consider Fat Transfer

As we age, we lose volume in some places in our bodies, which makes us look older than we are. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed to replace decreased volume in the face, buttocks, hands, and breasts is a fat transfer or fat injection. Fat transfer Scarsdale offers several advantages that contribute to its adoption in cosmetic surgery, but what makes it more worthwhile is a natural approach to doing the process with the natural thing. Since the surgeon utilizes your own body fat for the procedure, there is no possibility of any negative effects of chemical reactions.

Here are reasons to consider fat transfer:

Provides long-lasting results

Fat transfer provides lasting benefits and a more natural appearance following treatment. The less activity there is in treatment areas, the better the fat will survive, and the longer the effects will persist. If you do not lose weight, the effects may last many years.

But it is important to remember that cosmetic treatments are extremely individualized. Therefore, the technology utilized during surgery and the results achieved to satisfy the intended aesthetic objective may differ for each patient. The outcomes of a fat transfer to the cheeks or temples tend to be more permanent when compared to the lips, which are fixed structures of the face.

It is a natural treatment to boost your appearance

Since it utilizes your own fat, autologous fat transfer is a safe and effective way to improve the appearance of your body in terms of volume, contour, shape, and size. New blood supply can grow back into the area where that is when fat is harvested. But you will not worry about any foreign material getting into your body. Your own fat will become a natural filler.

Less recovery period

Depending on the kind of treatment you had, the method utilized to carry it out, and the area treated, the time required to recover from a fat transfer might range from two days to two weeks. It is a simple procedure with minimal recovery time if you follow your cosmetic surgeon’s instructions.

Reduced risks of allergic reactions

After a fat transfer, some people may encounter Fat nodules, a rare kind of fat/oil cysts. However, they respond well to conservative treatment and often disappear without intervention. Since your own fat is being transplanted into the affected regions, you should not worry about adverse responses. While fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, and others may induce chemical reactions due to their varied chemical components, fat transfer is completely risk-free and has no negative effects on the body or the face.

Adds definition areas you would like to be more defined

One of the best benefits of fat transfer is that it can help add more definition to regions where you might not feel confident is another frequent purpose of fat transfer. Fat transfer may be the best option if you have always wanted your breasts to be just a tiny bit larger but are unsure about augmentation. In addition, your doctor can employ fat transfer to enhance the look of your arms, calves, or buttocks.

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