Reasons Routine General Dentist Visits Are a Must

General dentists are the dental care equivalent of primary care doctors. They are your go-to for routine checkups, which is often overlooked since many only see a dentist when battling an oral problem. Your general dentist Bala Cynwyd can help care for your overall health besides ensuring that your oral health is always at its prime. The visits, at least once a year, even when overall health is at its prime, offer benefits including:

Practical prevention

Most dental problems are preventable, which is easier than you may expect. For instance, incurable periodontitis can be reversed at the gingivitis phase and prevented with simple measures like improving oral hygiene. Routine general dentist visits can include measures like professional cleaning, which ensures you eliminate tartar.

Tartar is hard to eliminate with your at-home oral hygiene, but the professionals have the tools and skills to clean even the hard-to-reach areas effectively. With such services and professional recommendations like ideal toothpaste, brush, and other products, you will easily prevent dental problems. The personalized care based on the rich history helps prevent dental issues and improve overall wellness, emphasizing the need for routine general dentist visits. 

Early detection

Early dental concerns detection allows you to comfortably treat, reverse, and avoid an escalation that could lead to many complications. The concerns can be treated with less invasive measures during the early phases. For instance, you can preserve the natural teeth with fillings instead of letting the cavities extend to the point that you need an extraction. Leveraging the less invasive treatments is friendlier to your pocket and more manageable, allowing you to maintain a healthier and dazzling smile easily.

Bad breath prevention

Bad breath is among the most frustrating dental concerns. You could be forced to keep your mouth shut even when you have a burning point to contribute in certain social circles fearing what others will take you. Conquering bad breath may take more than your favorite mint and mouth fresheners, especially if it is due to underlying dental health issues. Besides professional cleaning, the general dentist can detect issues that could be behind bad breath. This includes dental misalignment forcing you to breathe with your mouth in your sleep, resulting in a dry mouth and bad breath. The dentist can offer solutions like a mouth guard, making avoiding dry mouth and consequential halitosis easier.

Smile improvement

Routine dental cleanings help keep stains at bay, allowing you to maintain a white smile. Dentists can also provide teeth whitening if you spot significant discoloration, which is safe and effective compared to home remedies. Following your situation, the dentist may recommend treatments like Invisalign for improved alignment. Maintaining a dazzling smile, free from bad breath and other dental imperfections, supercharges your confidence, making routine visits a must-have.

Routine general dentist visits, especially as a family, help you adopt a healthier dental care regimen and beat hiccups like dental anxiety. This translates to better long-term oral health, which is vital for overall wellness. Contact Oasis Dental Team PC today for more on general dentistry or to schedule routine visits.

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