Pound Burner Diaries: Do Hormones Affect Weight Loss?

As the food industry continues to evolve, various diet plans and natural solutions have emerged to provide people alternatives. Most diet drops, supplements, and food sets are readily available at everyone’s fingertips. Choosing the best diet plan might seem easy, but actually, it’s hard to choose the perfect one that matches your needs and lifestyle. Everyone has different priorities in their body, and you also need to take into consideration your current health conditions.

Do hormones affect weight loss?

Hormones are said to be the body’s most powerful chemically emitted messengers. It can either make or break your day. Why? Because it controls some of your emotions and metabolism. That’s why it is somehow connected to the amount of fat that you may lose or gain. Here are some important hormones that you need to know more about:

  •  Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG): Is a protein-based hormone that is highly present during the early stages of pregnancy. HCG helps maintain the balance in the production of progesterone and estrogen; it is said to be important in the development of the foetus, and it has been used in treating fertility problems. There is a diet called the HCG diet, which concentrates on utilizing this hormone to lose weight. This has three stages:

Stage 1: You begin taking HCG supplements, which can be tablets, diet drops, or anything prescribed by your instructor.

Stage 2: This is the stage where you begin a diet or control of your food intake. An ultimate low-calorie diet is prescribed with a limit of 500 calories a day only. You do this along with the intake of your prescribed supplements, injections and diet drops for 3-6 weeks.

Stage 3: This’ll be the last step, wherein you stop taking your HCG products and slowly go back to your normal amount of food intake.

  1. Insulin: This hormone comes from the pancreas. Its main role is to regulate and balance glucose or sugar levels to ensure the storage of fat in the belly.
  2. Glucagon: The ultimate ‘hormo-enemy’ of insulin because they have opposite effects on the body. This hormone is the one who is responsible for burning the fats, and it is secreted from the body’s protein consumption.
  3. Cortisol: Are you stressed lately? Maybe your cortisol level is high. This hormone is your stress hormone and considered the best match for insulin. An example of this scenario is when you’re on your period. Your cravings for sweet foods to ease your stress (Cortisol) will increase your insulin by eating foods that have white refined sugars and flour.

A tip for your weight loss journey

There are a lot of health benefits that you’ll get once you’ve started having a balanced food intake and exercise. Even minimal weight loss could improve a lot of aspects of your daily routines and lifestyle. Losing weight is not just to improve your physical appearance, but to give yourself healthy options. You need to gauge or measure what your body truly needs. Know which part of your lifestyle, daily routines and needs you can adjust without such a hassle. Pick a diet plan that is comfortable for your body and mental health. Now that you still have the energy to exercise and eat healthily, grab the opportunity!

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