Pharming and Phishing – How can you Foil Such Security Concerns?

Hackers are quite minded people who have a lot of computer skills. The difference is that they misuse those skills to dupe users on the web. Whilst phishing has always been used to trick innocent users into revealing sensitive details, the other, more dangerous, variant is Pharming. Not easy to achieve and execute, only extremely skilled hackers are actually able to use Pharming to create doppelgänger domain websites. These websites are replicas of genuine websites. Besides, since they have unique domain names, it gets even more difficult to distinguish them from the real websites. 

The entire purpose behind mentioning such advanced and evolving versions of hacking is to create awareness about all the new and old ways in which hackers exploit vulnerabilities.

Another such way is hacking into the personal smart devices at home. Whilst earlier organizations and companies used to be the main targets of camera hacking, now individual home devices are at an equal risk. The reason being, the work from home culture is witnessing a substantial rise. Since hackers are finding that pool unprotected and unaware, they’re switching their targets too. 

Remember, hacked cameras are not trivial matters. Hackers can actually monitor your movements and steal financial and other personal details by hacking into the surveillance cameras, doorbell cameras, and even the Webcam. So, if you notice any kind of discrepancy that could be as minor as the Webcam getting on when you’ve not done it manually, do not naturally assume that it could be a device mechanical error. It could well be that the camera is hacked and someone is misusing it. 

That said, whether hackers are gaining an entry in your system via phishing, spear phishing, Pharming, or camera hacking, there are a few cybersecurity ways that can foil such attempts. Some such techniques that cybersecurity experts recommend are listed below. 

  • Ensure that every single device and software, whether it’s your router or the smart devices in your house or your work systems, each and every device has a strong unique password of its own. The same holds true for your social accounts too. 
  • Network segmentation is another technique that’s mainly a damage limiting cybersecurity technique. It is used in order to ensure that a hacker cannot access the entire data since data is broken into bits in network segmentation and those broken pieces are individually stored in networks that are isolated (not related to each other). 
  • In order to foil phishing attacks, you must follow the habit of not clicking on any email from an unidentified source. In fact, even if the source looks legit but asks for personal details of any kind, do not disclose any information.

Remember, nothing is 100% full-proof. Which is why you should adopt different cybersecurity techniques collectively to increase the security of your systems to such an extent that they stand a chance against hackers who are thoroughly dedicated to stealing your information. 

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