Looking To Donate Your Eggs in San Diego

Egg donation is a common practice nowadays and is generally done by single women. It can be said that it has become so common because, with the age of a woman, the quality of her egg also deteriorates. According to studies, it has been seen that it’s after the age of 37-40 that there is a significant drop in the quality. If you are curious, head to this page for san diego egg donation.

Who can egg donations help?

If you have donated your egg or are considering it, it’s commendable. Your efforts can help couples who are having trouble conceiving a biological child because of poor egg quality. It can be also helpful for women who have no ovaries but have a uterus. There are also cases when couples have some generic disorders that they do not want to pass on to their children, and hence use egg donation.

What are the requirements?

If you want to donate your eggs, you will have to go through a range of psychological as well as medical screenings. Your medical history, results of physical examinations, and family history will also be gone through. An ovarian reserve assessment may also be done to determine whether you are a good fit to be a donor. To give you an idea, the donors are usually young and healthy. It’s preferred that the donors are between the ages of 21 and 30.

What is the process like?

In terms of what happens during the process, the donors are generally given hormone injections. This is done to ensure ovulation of a number of eggs. 

Note that women in general only produce one egg in a month, and with this hormone, they can release more than one at the same time. Once it is determined that the eggs are matured, it is ready to be taken out. The healthcare professional will schedule a procedure to do this. 

Once that is done, sedation will be done followed by the insertion of needles to retrieve the eggs. Once that is done, it is taken to the lab to be fertilized. The egg can then be used for IVF.

Final thoughts:

If you want to donate your eggs or are a couple in search of a healthy egg, it’s advised that you reach out to a clinic soon near your place.

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