Know the Skydiving Tips – Before You Jump into the Air

Put-in-Bay is popular for outdoor activities and adventures, including skydiving. It is one of the favorite activities of many people. Frosty feeling at the toes and nose, cool breezes, and beautiful scenery gives a thrilling experience. Although winter skydiving is exciting and adventurous, you have to prepare a bit before jumping.

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In this article, you can learn a few simple tips that help you to attempt skydiving, especially if you are doing it the first time.

Get the body right

To do skydiving, you don’t have to be fit and perfect, but doing warm-up stretches and exercises will help to loosen the muscles and body. Your body should be relaxed when you are falling because you have to jump from over 190kph.

Choose the right outfit

Choose comfortable clothes to wear while skydiving like pants, sneakers, and pants. Each sport will have a specific outfit, including skydiving. When attempting skydiving, you have to wear a jumpsuit because it contains layers that resist wind.

Breathe right

Although it sounds unusual, it is essential to know the right way to breathe when you are in the air. Take slow breathe rather than deep or short breathes. Also, stay relaxed, calm, and follow the directions of the instructor.

In case, you feel uneasy, inform your instructor without fail. If you feel any difficulty while breathing, it’s just due to reasons like wind rushing into the nose, at the face, or slanted head. So, don’t panic, tilt the head back, breathe with the mouth, and aim towards the land.

Remember about toes and the fingers

Like other parts of the body, your toes and fingers require protection too. Otherwise, you will feel like getting ice blocks at the ankles. Wear warm socks and gloves before skydiving because they serve as liners and keeps you warm.

Be safe

Don’t judge an instructor on their personality or appearance because safety is paramount. Look at the ratings and choose the certified instructors who guide you in enjoying the experience.

Educate yourself

Doing it is difficult than saying. So, educate yourself by reading the related articles or looking at the videos. Don’t overreact or focus on the negative headline. You can make it a memorable experience by preparing yourself mentally and physically ahead of time.

Don’t trust the hype

When you jump from the airplane window, it looks and feels frightening to others, but skydiving is safe. As per the reports, out of 3.2 million skydiving jumps, 24 fatalities are reported. Compared to the deaths caused by accidents, reported 32,675.

Skydiving is an amazing experience. When you open the door and fall from 120mph, it makes you feel exciting and terrifying at a time. It makes you feel like falling into a pool filled with the wind as well as sinking towards the land.

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