How To Prepare Your Property For The Growing Staycation Trend

Our nature of longing to occasionally break away from the daily hustle and bustle has only intensified as we send off month after month of this pandemic we don’t certainly know the end of. It only makes sense as people have been deprived of opportunities to go out for activities other than those essential. The moment all travel restrictions are lifted, we all see ourselves heading somewhere far in a heartbeat.

But for now, we can only wait. What’s more or less probable is our gradual return to physically reporting in the office and attending school. On the other hand, recent trends provide us a temporary option for when we think we can’t last another day stuck in the same four walls of our house. 

Staycation, an amalgamation of the words ‘stay’ and ‘vacation,’ is a term we would often hear even before the pandemic. But, never has a connotation of working away from home been more associated with staycation than now. What used to mean spending leisurely time cooped up in a hotel room for the lack of interest in more physical recreational activities, staycation now implies staying in lodging, which has a vacation-like ambiance and that is not home, to work and to give the kids a semblance of being away for a trip–a room overlooking a vast natural view, mattresses that provide a different comfort than those from home, a bathroom with complimentary toiletries and towels, and just a general relaxing vibe.

With the rise in demand to go somewhere not necessarily far but enough to feel like a getaway, bookings in hotels, bed & breakfasts, cabins in nature parks, and all forms of lodging you can rent short-term via Airbnb have skyrocketed. The hospitality industry, never met with such a unique period in history wherein people, amid stay-at-home orders, still opt to stay away from it. And so, property owners can only adopt ways to operate in the safest manner that keeps households isolated from each other.

This year, the industry is bracing itself for a surge in so-called revenge vacation, which, as the name implies, travels to make up for its lack for the past year. This only means more gearing up for property owners, especially those who are yet to recover from the losses incurred during the pandemic. If you’re among the aforementioned and if you’re yet to pay off the mortgage for that lodging, for instance, continue reading for how you can make the most out of this wave in travel.

Institute Safety Protocols

It’s only imperative that any establishment should impose safety protocols and adjust their facility layout to create a safer environment for guests to reassure them. They’re staying to temporarily free themselves from the shackles of pandemic fatigue, after all. Advertising your amenities as being regularly sanitized and disinfected, providing space to allow social distancing, and mandating staff to wear face masks at all times is considered basic. Unless your property is a whole house that has its exclusive dining area among other functional rooms, you should dedicate one dining area and recreational zone for every guest group. 

Take Customer Service Up A Notch

Sure, your property’s caretakers and service personnel have always been nice to guests. This time, though, visitors would more than gladly appreciate when staff goes the extra mile to greet and serve them. With guests only being homebound for so long and tending to their every need by themselves, it’s refreshing for them to be served their needs this time. Besides, it’s your comeback to the game that has been dormant for a while now, better make it as grand as possible by showing how much you want guests back every after each stay.

Be Prepared to Cater Longer Stays

With most of the employed population working in flexible arrangements and an ever-pressing uncertainty placed on travel restrictions proving trip arrangement difficult, there’s a bigger tendency for them to stay longer in one vacation destination at a time. What this means for owners is they need to be more open to catering to even week-long stays by adjusting inventory levels of supplies and keeping amenities in tip-top conditions.

WFH-Like Vibes

The other reason why guests tend to stay for longer is they would love to relax and squeeze in work, this time somewhere with a refreshing ambiance to drive their performance. It is only right for property owners to design their lodging in a way that has a secluded area for work equipped with consistent and fast Wi-Fi connectivity. Installing multitasking gizmos like USB and charging hubs are also great value additions to your dedicated workspace.

We’re in such an odd period to want to travel only to work most of the time. This has redefined hospitality in so many ways that establishments can only adapt accordingly. One thing for sure, we can all learn to be more health and safety-conscious wherever we are.


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