How to Handle if Accused of a Crime that You Did Not Commit?

You never know when and how you will face a serious crime that your friend or colleague has committed. You might be framed intentionally so that someone else can wipe his blemishes. Moreover, the situation may get tricky because you don’t know if these charges can ever be dismissed. A criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN can come to your rescue and review the case. Most importantly, he can speak with the police if you have just been arrested to protect your rights.

Handling your case if you are falsely accused

It might be a nightmare for any of us to get arrested for something that we have not done. If the situation has risen, you need to take the below-mentioned steps to handle it.

  • How serious the charges are– It is important to understand that it is a serious matter if you have been falsely charged. It may come with charges as well the severe penalties. The police, judge and jury may not be able to help you if you don’t have solid proof to prove your innocence. By taking the seriousness right from the start, you can take the necessary actions.
  • Costs associated with defense- You will have to hire an attorney when it comes to preparing your defense. It will come with the costs such as attorney’s fees as well as investigation costs. You will have to pay for this from your pocket. 
  • Denial of the charges- One reason that you need an attorney is that he can interact with the police and convince them that they have arrested the wrong person. No matter, how hard you try, you will never be able to do so on your own. Your attorney can provide them with the information proving your innocence.
  • Collect evidence and documents- You can elaborate on vital details and discuss them with your attorney. It is important to recall the details of the incident and tell them your attorney. He can gather evidence such as photos, witness details and CCTV footage so that he can strengthen your case.
  • Investigation and witness interview- If you have formally been charged, an attorney can investigate the matter and even contact the witness to interview them. It is part of the process and an attorney should be able to perform this in a legal manner.

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