How to Get Her Ring Size Without Her Noticing

It’s finally time for you to pop the question. You are so confident you will get a yes since you’ve been talking about it for a long time. You also have a good idea of how and where you are going to propose. The only question is how can you get her ring size without her noticing what you’re trying to do? Of course, this part is always tricky since there’s a good chance your partner might have an inkling of what will happen in the next few days. They have good intuition like that. It’s safe for them to assume that you might go down on one knee, so they’re always trying to leave subtle hints and manicuring their hands so the ring will look perfect.

There are many answers to this predicament. Each one has its own level of difficulty, so you have to choose what you are ready for. Here’s the guide you will need to get that ring size problem sorted out:

Go with the Average

This is a great idea for those who live apart. Since you cannot physically measure the ring finger, it’s best for you to go with the average ring size. The numbers you are looking for are between size 5 and size 7. That’s the average ring size for women in the United States. If she’s shorter but weighs more, go a size up. If she’s thin and tall, go a size down. You get the picture. Remember, too, that the fingers in her dominant hand will be slightly bigger.

“Borrow” One of Her Rings

Do you live together? Then, lucky you. To get the perfect engagement band, you need to “borrow” one of her rings. Normally, you shouldn’t take what’s hers even if you are living together but since this is for a good cause, then why not, right? Be very careful when borrowing her ring and make sure she’s not going to look for it on the day you will take it to the jeweler. Also, make sure you know which finger she uses for that ring. Is it on her dominant hand or her less dominant hand? The jeweler will base the ring size on your answers.

Get Help from Family and Friends

The easiest thing to do is to ask her family and friends. That means letting them in on the secret, too, so make sure you can trust them to keep this information. They usually talk about ring sizes. She might have borrowed one from them in the past or maybe they bought one together. Any information will be helpful at this point. Make sure they know where she’s wearing that particular ring size, though, because of the dominant-hand predicament. Also, this information should be recent. If they are relying on information they got a couple of years ago, is that accurate?

Buy a Size Larger

If you want to be realistic about it, get a size larger than the size you already have in mind. It’s easier to make a ring smaller than to make it bigger. Sizing up is harder because the jeweler will need additional gold or metal for the ring. It will also lessen the purity of the ring as opposed to sizing down. You should get a ring guard and give it to her after she said yes. The ring guard will allow her to wear it even though it’s a size larger. She can have it resized once she’s ready to part ways from it for a few days.

Casually Ask for the Information

Are you clever enough to ask for it without her noticing? Can you work it into your conversations? One technique is as old as time: ask her about ring sizes because you’re getting a ring for your mom or sister. You can even bring her to the jewelry store because chances are that she will try on one of the rings. Pay attention because you might miss the chance. If a friend recently got engaged, mention how the guy learned of his partner’s ring size. Maybe she will comment and talk about her own ring size.

Don’t sweat finding out about the ring size. The important thing is you are both committed to living together forever. That alone should give you the confidence of picking out the best ring for her, regardless if she has to have it resized later on. Whether you’re a little obvious or really secretive is just part of the excitement of proposing. The real magic happens when you’re finally engaged and ready to start your life together.

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meta desc: Want to find out her ring size but, of course, without her finding out what you’re trying to do? It’s normal for partners not to know their significant others’ ring sizes; don’t worry about it. Here are some hacks you can try.