Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer For Slip and Fall Accidents in Louisville

Every year, there are about eight million emergency visits. Out of this, the most common reason why people get injured in the US is because of slip-and-fall accidents. While people do not tend to take these accidents seriously, they are no joke, as the most common injuries people typically report are broken bones, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, and even death. The unfortunate part is that treating these injuries may require you to break the bank, as medical healthcare is not at all affordable in the US. But not to worry, as a legal consultation can save you from all that suffering. 

Who is liable for the accident?

You must be wondering who can be held responsible for a slip and fall accident.  Well, the onus is on the property owners to make sure that their property is safe to be used by visitors. It is the responsibility of the owners to maintain the property and make sure there is no danger whatsoever. Even if there is some situation that may take some time to address, the property owners must put up an adequate number of signs to warn people of any risks. 

If the property owner fails to do any of that it will be determined that the owner is negligent on his or her part and they will have to face legal repercussions if it causes anyone any harm. If this has happened to you recently, with the help of a Louisville personal injury lawyer you can hold the property owner liable for your damages. 

Was there negligence involved?

So how do you understand if it’s negligence that led to the accident? Some ways you can determine this by keeping an eye out:

  • If the owner or the authority knew of a danger but did nothing about it.
  • If the owner knew it was not safe but took too long to address it.
  • If it is the owner who created an issue that led to the accident. 

Final thoughts:

If you are certain the owner was responsible but they are claiming that they were unaware of the situation, do not lose your calm. That is what they do typically, it does not mean you have lost your case. The lawyer will do a separate investigation of their own to determine what led to the slip-and-fall accident. 

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