Gold dealers deal in gold.

You may own gold in the form of gold jewellery or gold bars. Gold bullion is virtually pure gold, hallmarked .999 or 24k gold. It is a valuable, dependable, and reliable asset.  It is the most efficient and cost-effective way to trade or store gold. Gold dealers buy and sell gold bullion in gold bars or gold coins, and both of these are considered stable and secure investments. If you have money to spare or you want to invest in physical gold, then gold bullion is the way to go.

What size of the gold bar should I buy?

Some gold bars weigh 400 troy ounces, which equates to 12 Kilograms. At present-day prices, this amounts to about  $735,000 worth of gold bullion. Most 400 troy ounce bars are not individually owned but are stored in vaults and owned by banks and governments such as the Bank of England.

Smaller bullion bars are more practical for small individual investors. The one troy ounce (31.1 grams) gold bar is the most popular, but many different weights are available. The five troy ounce bar and the ten troy ounce bar are also well-liked. The choice of weight depends on the size of your pocket and your position as an investor. If you are a new investor and want to feel the weight of gold in your purchase, the one troy ounce bar gives a solid feel, is easy to resell, and adds diversity to your portfolio. However, at today’s gold price, a  one troy ounce bar of gold will cost about $2,000.

Hardened investors consider the one-kilogram bar (3215 troy ounces) a better option. The one-kilogram bars are less expensive to make than the smaller bars, and therefore they are more cost-effective to buy than smaller gold bars. However, they may take longer to sell. Evaluate your needs and how you may want to liquidate the bars in future.  Purchasing gold bars is simple. Many websites assist with details on the weight, purity, quantity, and price of gold bullion. There are several gold dealers, retail outlets, online outlets, and auction websites.

Should I buy gold coins?

All forms of pure gold have a significant monetary value. Investors wanting to track the value of their asset should possibly avoid gold coins. Coins have historic-value and collectable value and are popular forms of bullion. Coins have collectable and atheistic appeal, and many coins are valued on the market desirability rather than on the exact fineness of gold. Before you invest in gold coins, decide whether you are a coin collector or an investor.

Added costs.

When buying gold bullion, know that sellers include a profit margin on their gold, known as the spread. There also may be other costs involved in owning gold, such as storage and insurance. Before you buy or sell gold bullion, do your homework and factor in these costs. Speak to a reputable dealer, and maybe make a deal with them on yearly storage costs as most dealers offer storage to their clients at reasonable prices.

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