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Five most expensive places to buy property in Essex, UK

Here is a list of the five most expensive places to buy places in Essex, UK today:


Ongar is a small parish in Essex, England, in the Epping Forest District. Guesthouses, pubs, and local attractions such as the Epping Ongar Railway, which runs steam and diesel locomotives through 5.5 miles of picturesque rolling countryside and Epping Forest on the former London Underground Central Line, are all part of the city’s attractions. An average house in Ongar costs around £552,867


Families move to Upminster for a slower pace of life, parks and open green spaces, good schools, a simple commute by train and subway, and 1930s houses adaptable to contemporary home life. The cost of a standard house in Upminster is £562,582 to a property cash buyer.

Buckhurst Hill:

Buckhurst Hill is a town in Essex, England, located in the Epping Forest district. It is a part of the London metropolitan region. Despite increased demand, this scenic area of West Essex retains its village atmosphere and a sense of unity. All of this makes Buckhurst Hill a perfect place to live for someone appreciating modern conveniences while still longing for simpler times. An average house within the city costs approximately £630,280


Billericay is a small town in Essex’s Basildon district. It’s tucked away in the woods and covered by environmentally significant nature reserves. This isn’t a quiet backwater, though. Billericay is a sought-after location among London staff due to its idyllic rural living and excellent commuter connections. Houses can cost up to £525,038 within the area.

Woodford Green:

Woodford Green is an affluent suburb of Woodford, in the historic county of Essex, in North-East London, England. Woodford Green is among the most desirable neighborhoods to live along the London/Essex border, and it is incredibly secure – particularly compared to some more urban centers. The average cost of a house if selling property quickly is precisely £557,416 in Woodford Green





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