Everything You Need to Know to Have the Perfect Holographic Nails

It has been a while since colourful, glittery nails filled your Instagram timeline. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid were spotted with holographic nails when she attended the Met Gala in 2016. But the trend of applying holographic nail polish seems to continue even up to this day. Plenty of beauty bloggers and influencers had their version of this shiny nail trend, which is why the sparkly nail phenomenon reached a worldwide favourite status.

While it is easy to get hold of any holographic nail polish nowadays, applying it on your own can be trickier compared to the regular nail polishes available in the market. If you like your beautiful nails to look as if you just came out of a professional nail salon, here is some information you need to know about the special type of nail polish to apply it properly.

What Is Holographic Nail Polish?

This type of nail polish that contains an added pigment, like the SpectraFlair, to give it a shiny, holographic effect. This pigment contains magnesium fluoride and aluminium that allow the nail polish to refract light.

There are also several varieties of holographic nail polishes available in stores. The options include the scattered polish, where the holographic particles create an uneven rainbow. You may also find nail polishes with linear holographic pigments, which produces a linear or uniform rainbow. But if you want an extra sparkle, you may look for glitter holographic nail polish.

How Does a Holographic Nail Polish Work? 

DIY holographic nails can be challenging to achieve. If you are not used to this kind of nail polish, you may end up having an uneven pigment or your nails which will not get as shiny as you want them to be. So you need to learn all the right techniques to make your holographic manicure perfect.

One of the biggest secrets for an amazing holographic manicure is to purchase pre-made holographic nail polishes that already contain pigments and glitters. These products are easier to use. You only need to apply it to your nails like any other kinds of nail polish, then finish it with a topcoat.

You may also choose to add holographic powders to your regular polish. But unlike the pre-made nail polishes, this option is more challenging to apply. You need to apply an even base coat then your chosen nail polish in plain colour. It would be best if you select white or silver hues to reduce mistakes.

Once the coloured polish dries, apply a thin layer as a top coat to help the powder stick. Then dab the holographic powder evenly using a paint or makeup brush. Brush off the excess powder once it dries then put on another layer of topcoat. If you are using gel polish, you must cure it under a UV light for a little over a minute.

Nail Care Tips

To maximise your holographic nails, you need to ensure that your nails are neat and healthy. You must always practise proper nail hygiene which includes using nail clippers or manicure scissors to trim excess nails. You should also keep it clean and dry to avoid the growth of bacteria under the fingernails. You may also moisturise with hand lotion to prevent it from getting brittle.

You must also keep in mind to never bite your nails or pull your hangnails. These bad habits can cause permanent damage to your nails. You also need to invest in high-quality nail polishes and other nail products to ensure that your holographic nails look great for a long time.

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