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Discover The Different Sofa Upholstery Fabrics

Your sofa is often the main furniture item in a room. Therefore, it is very important to upholstery it with the right fabric. But, the fabric does not only need to be aesthetically beautiful, it should also possess the perfect feel. Not sure which sofa upholstery fabric is right for you? For this, you have to first know about the functions and care requirements of different upholstery fabrics.

By the end of this article, you’ll get to know a clear difference between natural and synthetic sofa upholstery fabrics. So, continue reading;

Different Sofa Upholstery Fabric Types

Sofa upholstery fabrics come in an exclusive range of textures and appearances. If you like natural fabrics, then linen or cotton will be the best options. They are durable, sustainable, and healthier for you and your family as compared to some synthetic materials.

Linen is a good choice for upholstery as it is tough yet supple. As the fabric is machine washable, linen sofas can be ideal for everyday use. Moreover, linen is stain-resistant and this feature makes it ideal for homes having kids and pets.

Even though synthetic materials are fairly long-wearing, they can’t be much comfortable as natural upholstery fabrics. They are also cheaper but won’t last as long which means they will cost you more in the future. Polyester and acrylic are good synthetic fabrics one should consider.

So, every fabric has its own pros and cons. Following are the different sofa upholstery fabrics you can choose from:

  • Polyester – easy to care for, cheaper, but can pill
  • Jacquard – patterned attractive heavy fabric with a classic look
  • Linen – Offers great durability, and sustainability, and looks beautiful
  • Cotton or cotton blend – natural sofa upholstery fabric with great durability
  • Leather – extremely durable and easy-to-clean material
  • Faux leather or suede fabric – extremely durable and easy-to-clean material, but it is very hard to repair if torn
  • Genuine leather – stain-resistant, luxurious and elegant, but needs leather conditioner to prevent cracks
  • Acrylic – Hard-wearing and ideal for regular use, but can feel uncomfortable
  • Velvet – Versatile and great in appearance, but it is not as durable
  • Wool or wool blend – durable, possess great insulation features, but quite expensive

Buying Sofa Upholstery Fabric

If you are looking for a sofa upholstery fabric, then it would be great to try it out in a store or showroom. That way, you can check the texture feel, and appearance, and get a sense of how comfortable it will be.

The upholstery fabric of most of the pre-made furniture has been treated with a fire retardant. If you’ve chosen any sofa upholstery fabric, it is suggested to treat it first.

As we have discussed above sofa serves as the center of attention of any house, so it needs to look perfect to leave a long and lasting impression on the visitors. The only way you can do so is to upholster them with the right fabric. Keep in mind that only the fabric type can make or break your interior. Therefore, choosing the perfect one is very important!

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