Critical Pointers for Achieving Better Family Health

We want the members of our family to feel loved and appreciated no matter the circumstances. Especially during tough times, we can rely on each other to become and feel better. Here are three ways to do it. 

An Environment of Support

Throughout our lives, there are incredibly tough decisions all of us have to make. Some of them include our loved ones while others have to do with our careers or the places we live. Sometimes we have to leave a person we love behind or end a relationship we’ve had for a long time. In these and many other cases, the last thing we need is the judging eyes of others, especially those close to us. Instead, we need their support, respect, and understanding. 

For instance, let us imagine a woman is thinking about visiting a reputable abortion clinic. While at first glance, it may appear as though she is making a terrible choice, nobody but herself knows the specifics of her situation. She might have been the victim of sexual assault, or the baby inside her is ill, risking both of their lives.

Whatever the case may be, you can be sure she isn’t taking this decision lightly, and outside pressure will only lead her into making a mistake. She needs her spouse to listen to her, care for her, and be there to support her. And if she isn’t married, she needs the same from her family. After all, if the people we trust are not there for us when we need them most, then what are they there for in the first place? What is their role in our lives?

Finding a Balance

But if in one specific situation one of the members of our family needs for one of us to be their pillar, in another, it could be quite the opposite. For example, what if our child has fallen into a drug addiction from which they cannot escape on their own? What if they keep asking us for money to support their habit? What if they tell us that this is something they cannot live without, cries, gets down on their knees, and begs? If he promises this will be the last time, should we give it to him?

Of course, there are no clear-cut answers to these and other pertinent questions. It takes incredible wisdom to know and understand what we need to do in any given situation. But one thing is certain; you cannot fix bad behavior by condoning it.

Whether it is the aforementioned drug addiction, cigarettes, alcohol, bullying, or anything else, there needs to be a point where you draw the line and say enough is enough. If people refuse to make the right choices in life, no matter how much you love them, at some point, it is no longer your responsibility to save them.

This doesn’t mean you should abandon them, not in the least. It means that you should look into other viable alternatives to deal with a situation that has clearly gotten out of hand. 

This Is My Family

We all have different issues to deal with in life. We all have problems, moments of weakness, struggles, and times when we wish we were someone else, we had married a different person, our child was as smart as their classmate, or our neighbor’s mother and father were our own. The well-known idiom “the grass is always greener on the other side” exists for a reason, and it is not difficult to think others have it better than us, that others have it all figured out.

But no matter what you see or believe, that is not the case. When you meet someone who has a lot of money, you cannot see how wealth brings many other things. If your colleague at work is an attractive man or beautiful lady, you cannot jump into their minds and catch a glimpse of other things they might grapple with in their lives. All you have is a superficial, exterior view that oftentimes is not the truth. 

Because of this, you have to take a proactive approach to understand and accept that your family is your family, not somebody else’s. And their family is their family, not yours. When you do this, you slowly begin to realize that you love and appreciate some things in your household. When that happens, you see those close to you in a different light and learn to love them. That leads to a better environment and better health.

As we have seen, there are different ways to nurture a healthy, loving family atmosphere. So get to it, and make those moments with your loved ones the best they can be.

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