Cost of Physiotherapy in Singapore

The charges involved in getting a certain treatment are almost always a concern. Of course, before really undergoing any kind of treatment, one must be prepared especially in terms of budget. One location may have different rates from another for the same type of treatment and it is best to first do a little research to make a sound decision. In Singapore, costs for popular treatments like Physiotherapy are very competitive and can vary. Learn more about physiotherapy in Singapore, including the involved costs, by reading further.

Before we tackle the cost, below is a brief discussion about physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that is based on scientific studies to give treatment to those having problems with their muscles, joints, and tissues. This treatment is also sought by those who are recovering from injuries and those who are experiencing pain. The persons who are administering physiotherapy are called physiotherapists and in Singapore and almost all countries, physiotherapists are required to have the proper qualifications to practice the profession. The field of physiotherapy in medicine has developed into one that is significant and constantly in demand.

To be more specific, here are the branches or specializations for physiotherapy that may help especially if you have a specific concern that needs a specialized physiotherapist:

  1. Musculo-skeletal-focuses on bodily conditions involving the parts of the body surrounding the joints like the muscles, bones, and ligaments. Examples of these conditions are fractures and muscle tear
  2. Cardio-Thoracic-engaged with maintaining the heart and lungs in good physical condition. This is recommended for those who are under the care of intensive care units, pre, and post-heart or lung surgery. 
  3. Neurological-deals with conditions affecting the brain and spinal cord, and their respective nerves such as stroke and nerve injuries.
  4. Rehabilitation-process where physiotherapy is involved in helping a physically impaired person to achieve almost normal abilities.
  5. Obstetrics-involved the physical and postural care of pregnant women until after childbirth.
  6. Sports-a specialty that caters to athletes or any person doing sports including treatment for sports injuries.
  7. Fitness and postural care focus on achieving physical fitness, building muscles, and good posture.
  8. Pediatric-handles children with physical impairments and undergo any surgical procedure.

As the above discussion implies, physiotherapy seems like a broad branch of the healthcare sector and surely involves a lot of factors when it comes to the cost of the treatment. Here is some information to help with understanding the costs and information related to the budget of getting physiotherapy in Singapore:

What is the cost of the treatment?

The cost of physiotherapy ranges from 150 dollars to 300 dollars per session in Singapore. Because of being a popular and in-demand healthcare service in Singapore, expect the prices of physiotherapy appointments to be quite high and will thereby need proper allocation on your budget. 

What are the factors that affect the price of the treatment?

The price per session from a healthcare facility is measured by how long the physiotherapist attended the patient which depends on the conditions or requirements of the said patient. The treatment administered will likewise affect cost. Also, to complete the treatment process, numerous sessions may be required, thus the overall cost is expected to be costly. Each session is designed to follow your progress too, so the status of your condition may also be considered as a reason to extend sessions or make changes in the duration of each session, thereby in effect, adding some charges.

Details like if you are elderly or currently a student or age affects the cost, as you may have certain privileges given to the particular age group that gives you lower rates/charges. 

The place or facility where physiotherapy was administered will also be a factor in the expense. Most healthcare facilities will charge additional fees if the sessions are done at the convenience of your home instead of at the facility itself. Having special sessions or schedules long after the open hours may cost you extra. Moreover, patients who went to private hospitals or healthcare facilities can expect to pay more than what others pay at a public hospital that has subsidies allocated for certain patients. 

What are the important details that you need to gather first from the physiotherapist before getting any treatment?

Keeping in mind the factors discussed above, you must ask how many sessions you may need and the length of each session, and of course, the cost involved. This way, you can prepare a budget and avoid being caught off guard when it’s time to settle the bill. 

Is physiotherapy covered by insurance?

The procedure is coverable only if your insurance policy says so. It is best to check with your insurance provider first as not all of them cover physiotherapy in Singapore. Also, some insurers may require you to submit certain documents or follow certain steps to be able to proceed. Make sure to be aware of their procedures for your claims to be valid.

Can Medisave be used?

Medisave can be used to pay for some of the charges especially if insurance is not usable/not available. You can use up to 500 dollars of Medisave to pay for your physiotherapy sessions in Singapore per year.

Now, as there are a lot of factors involving the cost of physiotherapy, always bear in mind to be sure that the healthcare facility you have chosen offers the treatments you need to get more value for your money. Pick a physiotherapist that is qualified and specializes in the area of your concern to make sure your desired outcomes are achieved at a reasonable time. Also, bear in mind that physiotherapy relies upon consistency so planning is vital as missing a schedule may cause your health aside from time and money. Coordinate with your physiotherapist to be able to set the best time for you based on your way of living. Lastly, given the cost involved, it is imperative to be able to compare prices of select healthcare facilities first to be able to evaluate which is fit or right for you. 


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