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Are You Aware of Which Flooring Is Ideal For Your Condo?

Moving to a Khlong San condo (คอนโดคลองสาน, which is the term in Thai)  is always a worthwhile decision if you settling in a shared community was always on your wish-list. Having said that, choosing a condo with proper flooring is imperative, given the huge lumpsum it costs to replace flooring in condos. The flooring of a particular room might not be suitable for another room, and hence you must choose the flooring wisely to set the mood of the room.

The Flooring Types Available for Condos

Every aspect of the condo plays a significant role for a condo owner. You might think that investing in less-expensive options randomly will work fine for your condo, but in the long run, it never proves worthwhile. The condo flooring can determine how your experience of living in a condo apartment.

Here are some of the best types of flooring in a condo that you must be aware of.

Hardwood Condo Flooring

Hardwood is made with the help of a single walnut, purpleheart, maple, or timber oak layer, to be specific. Hardwood flooring is one of the most costly options which except for the kitchen and bathroom space can be preferred for all corners of your condo. The major pros of hardwood are that they are easy-to-maintain and allows for multiple refurbishing for a lacquered look.

Engineered Wood Condo Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is somewhat the same as hardwood flooring, but is made with the help of several wood layers. A sleek wood veneer is placed on the top, wood grain is placed in between and cost-effective plywood is placed underneath for the making of engineered wood. When put in contrast with hardwood flooring, the engineered wood is less cheap.

Vinyl Condo Flooring

Vinyl is preferred for being resilient and feels soft. The vinyl flooring is the best option when it comes to withstanding dirt and sand for a long time. The vinyl condo flooring is made by placing a PVC layer on a felt layer and foam when needed and is competitively priced. Vinyl flooring can be customized to look like stone or hardwood and is counted for boosting the condos’ basic features; waterproof and soundproof.

Carpet Condo Flooring

Carpet is one of the cheapest options because you can get in a plethora of colors and fibers, including nylon and wool. You can install carpets for a luxurious condo interior. And different carpet shades render a contemporary and sophisticated feel to your condos.

Choosing an ideal flooring for your Khlong San condo is important to add style and elegance to your space. Browse through your flooring options meticulously before you make your decision.

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