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7 Things You Need to Improve Your Space

Working from home and hybrid work setups are very common these days. This is probably the most time people have spent working in their own homes as they adjust to the new normal. But with the rollout of vaccine and businesses resuming their operations, many are going back to the office. But for those who are still in the work-from-home setup or have remote jobs in nature, a home office is the ideal location to do their jobs.

A home office plays an important role in getting work done. Being at home makes it a little tricky as boundaries between career and home life blur unless there was a space at home that helps delineate the two. That’s what a home office is for. Having a designated place to work separates the rest of the home. By doing this, it helps the brain associate that this is a place for work and outside of it is a place of rest.

To maximize and make the most of a home office, here are some things to improve the space:

Install a Fireplace

The fireplace is easily the focal point of any room. Other than its function to bring warmth, it adds to the decor of the room. Knowing how to make it work with the home office is crucial because there are other pieces of furniture to install, such as the desk. It’s not like the living room wherein the furniture’s arrangement is based heavily on the fireplace. For a home office, there are other factors that contribute to making it optimal for a working environment. The desk should be placed closest to where natural light comes in, and farther away from the door. The devil’s in the details.

Speaking of decor, there are multiple ways of going about it with a fireplace. If it’s installing a modern fireplace or an iron railing gate, the additions and renovations can make or break the theme you’re going for. If executed well though, it’s pivotal for the room.


Having eyes glued to the screen for the whole day is a strain. In this case, it’s important to give your eyes breaks once in a while. But other than that, it can be boring looking at the same thing for long periods of time. Placing the desk close to the window can help with that. You could be situated beside, in front, or facing away from the window.

Having a changing scene can help strike inspiration and a means to take a break from the screen. Being near the window is also beneficial for illumination, maybe even improved mood because of natural light coming in.

Have a Food Station

It’s inevitable to feel a little hungry while working. But it’s all the more impossible to start without coffee. For these very reasons, having a food station or a snack bar would make sense. Some quick snacks or cold beverages won’t hurt. Food would be within reach, saving you the time and effort needed to go to the kitchen to get what you need.

Invest in Ergonomic Furniture

It makes sense to buy only ergonomic and comfortable furniture especially when you’re going to be spending most hours of the day on them. Choosing a desk with the right height and an office chair that’s comfortable is important, especially when you don’t plan on getting any lower back pain or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Consider some important ergonomic elements such as thigh measurement, lower back support, elbow measurement, armrest, and eye level.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Just because it’s an office space that doesn’t mean that it can’t have a splash of color. Who wants to be in a room deprived of personality and life anyway? Some take this as an opportunity to achieve their favorite aesthetic, others use color to help set the tone for work and productivity.

Whatever strategies you have in mind as long as it makes you comfortable and productive (and the outcome isn’t an eyesore), then go for it.

Shop for Organizers

One of the basic principles of having a functional place is to keep it organized. Keep your home office organized with pen holders, drawer dividers, paper trays, and more. These little things can help track work in progress and organize files effectively. Knowing where to put things makes it easier to access them, contributing to a seamless and efficient workspace.

Have Indoor Plants Too

Most people have indoor plants for the aesthetic but did you know that it has positive benefits too? In fact, it helps relieve stress from work. So don’t shy away from the idea of it. Plants help with the decor but also make the space conducive for work. Nature saves the day, yet again. Just don’t forget to water the plants though.

Although working from home has its perks, it’s not without its downsides. And the biggest one is making a distinction between work and home. Having a home office is what separates a person’s home life from their work life. In fact, it’s a must-have for remote workers. It’s the line that makes one productive at work and makes home a place for rest.

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