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6 Tips for hassle-free house purchase:

The home buying decision is crucial in an individual’s life to buy a property according to their budget and suits a particular locality. The home buying decision should be proper as the property, once purchased, the buyer cannot move to another place on an immediate basis. Also, the buyer should ensure that there should be proper water supply, electric supply, and good connectivity of road before purchasing the house. The buyer should also ensure that the property documents should be available with clear titles before purchasing the flat. There should not be any discrepancies in the property documents, which can lead to legal complications of the property. The buyer should do thorough research on the internet before the property purchase by checking the people’s reviews about the locality. Common problems arise, such as the shortage of water supply in the locality or other frequent power cuts in the locality. Also, the transport systems could be irregular in some parts. Also, traffic snarls due to narrow roads could be another problem for the people staying in the particular locality. 

 For buying a home in a hassle-free way, the buyer should check for the properties online. Also, the buyer can give an online application for the purchase of home loans as well. The online system can help buyers check the rates & trends going on accurately and check for the available housing projects. Also, a comparison of prices can be made between the resale properties and also new construction properties. The eligibility of home loans can be checked out on the bank’s official website through the EMI calculator, which can help an individual know the exact eligibility amount that can be sanctioned from the bank. Some banks also display the terms & conditions of the form on their official website. Thus everything right from property search to checking for home loan eligibility can be searched online sitting at the convenience at home. The EMI calculator helps understand the borrower’s eligibility for loans and thus can plan to buy a property accordingly. Also, the buyer should check with the savings whatever he has and accordingly plan to make maximum down-payment rather than paying a high-interest amount to the bank. 

Following are the tips for hassle-free loans:

  • Identify your budget:

The property buyer should identify their budget according to the possible down-payments that can be made and the loans the bank can sanction. Accordingly, the affordability should be decided, and the localities should be identified to purchase the house.

  • Take advantage of early bird:

If a newly launched project is available, the real estate developers provide discounts on early bird customers to buy the house. The newly launched or pre-launching housing projects are beneficial for the buyer to avail discount on the property. The buyer can choose any flat out of the given a choice & on any floor in case of the early buyer.

  • Check for the reliability of the builder:

The reliability of the builder is necessary before buying the house. The buyer should for the previously completed housing projects before booking the home in the particular project. Also, the website of the real estate developer should be checked, and also the reviews can be checked related to the builder what their previous customers say about their experience in booking with the housing project with the particular builder. The builder’s reputation should be good as it can help an individual be safe while buying the property.

  • Avoid taking multiple loans at a time:

There should not be multiple loans been taken at a time as, in that case, the burden on the borrower could be high, and also, the bank may reject the loan application. Thus at a time, only one loan should be running. After the repayment of one particular loan, another loan should be taken.

  • Check whether the offers are genuine or not:

Some offers provided to the flat buyers can be genuine, while certain can be fake. There are offers like free air-conditioner or free car provided to the flat buyers which does not make sense availing such misleading offers instead the buyer can request reducing the price of the flat in adjustment. Some offers like free parking or a reduction in floor area rate or per square feet rate can be beneficial. Also, a no-floor rise can be beneficial for the buyer.

  • Check for the surrounding:

The surroundings should not be disturbing wherein the music systems are played loud, or else there should not be any slum localities nearby. Also, the locality should be safe for the stay and should not be amongst the hub for crime spots. Also, the availability of a garden nearby and also greenery can add value to the locality.


Thus all the above factors should be taken into consideration while buying a property. A hasty decision to buy a house can often lead to the buyer landing in a problem after purchasing the house. Thus the decision should be taken care of while buying the property.

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