5 Ways On How to Pick the Right Kind of Bicycle Bag

The pandemic seems to have a peculiar effect on bicycle sales in Australia. Unlike other business domains, national bicycle sales in the country increased by a whopping 50 per cent! What’s more, Australia is predicted to hit a new record of 1.75 million bikes, which will get imported to it in the coming financial year.

Whether you choose to cycle across town, go on a bike packing trip, or tour across the country, you will need the right gear for yourself. It means picking the suitable storage bicycle bags in Australia, preferably one made from waterproof material.

Today, you have many options to explore in bicycle bags. Picking the right one means assessing your needs first. Here are the different kinds of bags for bikes to explore.

Folding Bike Bags

They are lightweight bags weighing around 1.2 to 2 kgs. Although they are light, you can be surprised by the number of things you can accommodate into the hollows of these bags. They are best for those who cycle short distances. However, keep in mind that this might not be the best option if you carry a lot of luggage. They are best for carrying minimal and light luggage effortlessly.

Handlebar and Frame Bags

These kinds of bags attach straight to your bike frame. They are available for both straight and drop style bars. Generally, bike tourers use these kinds of bags. You can place things like cameras, maps, snacks, sunscreen, and gloves in them. But don’t overload these bags. Overloading can hinder your steering. On the other hand, if you’re fond of going on long rides exploring cities like Sydney, then these will be a good option for you.

Bike Bag Pack

Nearly one-third of the population in Australia use their bikes to commute to work. Thus, the need for having sporty and practical bicycle bags in Australia automatically arises. These kinds of bike bag packs have padded back and shoulder straps. You can attach them to your luggage carrier. It, in turn, will prevent you from becoming a sweaty mess by the time you arrive at your workplace. Such bag packs also have numerous compartments to easily store office essentials like files, pens, smartphones, etc.

Trunk Bags

They are ideal for adding some extra space if you have a rack. After you have mounted a rack to the bicycle, you can consider a trunk bag. They sit on top of a rack and are not very cavernous. However, they have more space than a saddlebag. It is because their load gets supported by the rack. Thus, it can accommodate a lot of things. They also have a comfortable shoulder strap. Most of them have a capacity of around 12 litres.

Rear Panniers

If you are someone who carries bigger loads on their bikes, then consider rear panniers. By attaching these bags to your bike instead of carrying a backpack, you evenly disperse the load of your luggage. Thus, you will find yourself conveniently carrying more stuff. Rear panniers are perfect on a commuter bike. You can attach them to your bicycle by using a rear rack. For it, you need to ensure that your bicycle has the required mounting pints to fit it. After getting fitted, rear panniers have a quick-release clip. Therefore, you can take them when you are away from your bike and reattach them when you decide to ride again.

Bicycle bags reduce strain on your back and shoulders and allow you to ride in comfort. Choosing the suitable one depends on factors like the load you carry and the distance you cover. The ones mentioned above can cater to the needs of various cyclists.

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