5 Ways On How To Maintain Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses were initially used only to cover and protect your eyes from the intense sun rays but have today become an essential part of making a fashion statement. This means that they protect your eyes and make you look gorgeous at the same time. Glasses are vital to individuals who use them, but they may be challenging to keep clean and maintain for the long run, especially if you’ve spent big bucks to possess those Prada sunglasses. To guarantee the durability of your sunglasses, you should take maximal care of them and handle them with love, as frames and lenses are themselves highly delicate and require to be dealt with alertness. 

Listed below are some handy tips and tricks that will make your sunglasses a worthwhile investment even in the long run:

Cushion Your Glasses From Scratches– Scratches can almost ruin your glasses; even a single scratch can disturb your vision and the appearance of the sunglasses. Hence, it is essential to safeguard your glasses by keeping/storing them in a hard-cased box that will keep the glasses safe and prevent any grooves. Using a dedicated box or glass case will avoid any damage to the entire frame and lense.

Say No To Chemical Cleaners: Did you ever think what would be the proper cleaning method for your glasses? It is a cleaning technique that would clean them and give them a brand new fresh look, just like how it was the day you brought it. For this, the first step is to say a big NO to harsh chemical-based cleaners as they could damage your glasses. Rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or any home cleanser should also be avoided. Instead, try using an authorised lens cleaner as they are specially made and best for your sunglasses

Avoid Wearing Sunglasses On Top Of Your Head: Although it is habitual to glide the glasses on your head when you are in a no sun zone, it is undoubtedly not a good idea to do so. There are several possibilities that your sunglasses could get damaged easily. The wire nosepieces, in particular, can wind up tugging your hair as you pull your sunglasses back down, and this can, in turn, bend or break your cherished sunglasses. Depending on the shape of your head, putting your sunglasses high on your head might cause the earpieces to spread out. This stretching gradually loosens them over time, making them more prone to fall off when you bend or gaze down.

Use Appropriate Cleaning Cloth Only: Picking a suitable cloth for cleaning your glasses is essential. While most fabrics seem to be soft on the skin, they can still scratch your glasses as they too may have textured and rough surfaces. So avoid paper towels, napkins, or tissues and also your t-shirt to clean the sunglasses! It is best only to use microfibres or soft cotton cloth, as they are specially made for the lens. Clean the fabric regularly, as dirt residue on it can be transmitted to your lenses, making them smudgy.  

Avoid Placing Them in Heat: Make sure that you are not exposing your sunglasses to heat. Heat can erode the anti-reflective and mirroring coatings of the lens, making them inutile. And you definitely must NOT place those Prada sunglasses on your car’s dashboard!

By considering the above-mentioned essential tips, you can be sure to maintain and keep up the best of your sunglasses.

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