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5 Most Expensive Places to Buy a Home in Cardiff

For those who are seeking the finest homes in Cardiff, this city in Wales offers plenty of options. What follows are considered the five most expensive places to buy or sell a home quickly in Cardiff.


Located just northeast of Cardiff, Cyncoed is one of the most affluent communities in the region. The average home price is £292,475 and its beautiful neighborhoods are lined with trees which gives Cynceod a small-town feel.

The advantages of living in Cynceod include its setting on high elevation where you can see the surrounding mountains and visit fabled Roath Park which is close by. Commuting is easy as well given its proximity to the center of Cardiff. The no longer used reservoir next to the community offers additional outdoor activities as well.


Sporting a population of just over 12,000, Heath is one of the more affluent communities in Cardiff with an average home price of £270,000. It may be most famous for Saints Corner and the many streets that are named after saints.

Located on the north side of Cardiff, the most common type of homes were constructed in the 1930s and many have large gardens that face to the south. Trees and plenty of greenery line the streets, especially around the fabled Heath Park. This community is large, thriving, and offers plenty of activities for families seeking the comforts of the suburbs with the closeness to Cardiff itself.


With an average home price of £441,000, this community located to the north of Cardiff is arguably the most expensive in all of Wales. In fact, many of the homes cost over £1 million.

This community of just over 3,300 consists of roughly 1,700 homes, a primary school, local village shop, and much more. The village itself has been around for many centuries, but it was properly named Lisvane around 1630.


A small hamlet to the north of Cardiff, Rhiwbina was a sleepy community until the 20th century when it grew considerably. The average price of a home in Rhiwbina is £273,000 and it offers exceptional commuting into Cardiff thanks to the Rhiwbina railway station.

Other advantages include excellent shopping opportunities, a diverse community, and growing opportunities as this is a town on the rise. Its relatively slow growth from an Iron Age settlement has benefitted the community today as Rhiwbina is now considered one of the more modern villages in the region.


Located just to the northeast of Cardiff proper, Roath is a community with an average home price of £350,000. It is most noted for its picturesque setting, tree-lined roads, the houses that are often terraced to create a distinctive Victorian appearance.

The community offers a great place to live for its residents, particularly those who commute into Cardiff given its proximity. Plus, there is a large college-age population thanks to the nearby universities. Add to this a diverse community, shopping opportunities, and friendly atmosphere and you have a thriving community in Roath.

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