3 Guidelines For Bathroom Vanity Shopping 

Bathroom vanities can add more charm to any bathroom. But you may find plenty of factors to consider before you start looking at the vanities from Bathroom Factory Warehouse to take home and keep in your bathroom. 

It is important to know the qualities of these storage solutions to avoid all the hassles of scouting for the best vanities for your bathroom. Here are several factors that you must consider when buying bathroom vanities. 

#1: Size and Layout

The layout and size of the bathroom are some of the key factors that you must look into when shopping for vanities for your bathroom. If you have no idea about the size and design of the room, you need to measure the area to determine if the item that catches what you are looking for suits the overall design that you are after. 

The width of the room will help you determine how wide the vanity must be. You also need to know the room’s height and depth to give you an idea about the design of the sink-storage combo that you may invest in. 

Meanwhile, the crucial items that you must focus on to match the vanity in your bathroom’s layout include: 

  • Location of the plumbing works
  • The places where the outlets and switches exist
  • The size of the floor space, especially when the doors and shower doors are expanded
  • The gap that exists between the sink and the wall for more comfortable movements
  • The area that lies between the toilet bowl and the cabinet, which must be at least 18” wide

#2: Storage Requirements

When looking for vanities from Bathroom Factory Warehouse, it is necessary to have a mental picture of what you plan to store inside its drawers or chests. You must also have an idea of how frequently you need to use the items. It is also best to know which ones you need all the time so you can access them right away. 

It is also ideal to consider the number of people who will use the vanity. If you share it with the other household members, you must look for a vanity that you can divide for each user’s requirements. 

#3: Vanity Types

There are various types of bathroom vanities you can choose from if you plan to purchase them from the leading bathroom fixtures suppliers. But the two most common options are the freestanding vanity and the built-in vanity. 

Freestanding vanities are ideal for small bathrooms. It usually comes with a virtual storage space that can also conceal the plumbing system. It can also allow you to create an illusion of spaciousness by picking something that has longer legs. 

Meanwhile, built-in vanities are best for larger bathrooms with a more spacious layout. You can ask your home builder to install one while constructing the bathroom. It must accommodate all the storage you need to maximise the space. 

Other vanity style options include the wall-mounted or floating vanities and the console vanities that help save space without compromising its function.   

Investing in an aesthetically pleasing yet functional vanity can add more character to your bathroom. You only need to find the right one that suits the size and layout of your room while letting you store all your necessities simultaneously. It is also best to check out the room’s overall design to give you an idea about what vanity to buy for your home.

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