Yoga for Dummies

Ever sit in a yoga class and think, “I have no idea what the teacher just said.” I’ve been there. So to help you fake it till you make it, below are some terms you may run into:

1. NAMASTE. One definition is “I bow to the divine in you.” Used as a greeting.

2. ASANA. Sanskrit for pose. You will find that the Sanskrit name for poses end with asana. For example, Sav-asana or Mal-asana or Bak-asana…

3. SAVASANA (or shavasana). Also known as corpse pose. This is the glorious part at the end of class where we do our best imitation of a corpse and blissfully do nothing.

4. MUDRA. A symbolic or ritual gesture mostly performed with hands and fingers to encourage the flow of Prana. One Mudra is called “anjali mudra” – hands together at your heart’s center (like in prayer).

5. PRANA. Life force. It is the sum total of all energy that is manifest in the universe.

6. PRANAYAMA. Extension of breath or life force. In yoga class or meditation, this practice looks a lot like breathing exercises.

7. QI (or chi). Also known as life force or energy within the body.

Okay, I may have taken some liberties in these definitions but they’re fairly accurate. If you’d like to learn more, join our classes! We have a special for new students: 30 days of unlimited yoga for $30.

See you soon!



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