Yin Yoga – for me?

What the heck IS yin yoga?

Let Third Space Wellness teacher extraordinaire, Rick, tell you all about it!

When I teach yin yoga to teachers-in-training, I suggest they try to avoid thinking about the practice or analyzing it. Just immerse yourself in it. Then we’ll talk.

It is yoga. But it might be unlike any other kind of yoga you have practiced.

If you are an athlete, gymnast, dancer, or martial arts practitioner, you will find a little bit more length and power. If you have rarely gotten off the couch in as long as you can remember, and have never even tried yoga because you’re “not flexible enough,” you will suddenly feel a little more rejuvenated. Yes, this kind of yoga can work for me. If you practice yoga regularly, you might find this to be the missing piece, a way to break through to new levels of depth in your practice.

I offer lots of modifications, depending on where you are. I offer lots of hands-on assists, unless you’d prefer to practice undisturbed (just let me know). I like a playful practice, and some variety. I like to explore. I appreciate both the science and art of yoga, the physiology and the energy flow…

When you have finished your yin yoga practice, you might feel a very deep sense of calm, almost zoned-out. Your body will probably feel much more open and stretched out. You are more “balanced.” Your blood pressure and heart rate will both be lower. If, like many (most?) people, you live your day in a state of semi-continuous stress, you will probably find yourself much more in tune with your body. More aware. Your hips will feel more open, giving you a sense of greater ease in your body. Your breath may be lighter and more efficient. Your lung capacity will be a little deeper. Your joints will be a little more stable and nourished. Your body will seem to just work together just a little bit better. You will find it easier to relax in stressful situations. You will gain increased range of motion and the power to go with it. Your immune system may work better. Healing may be a little faster and more complete. I suspect you’ll sleep better.

It is yoga, and many of the poses will probably look familiar if you have taken any other yoga classes. But we do them differently, and that’s much of the magic in yin yoga.

How does yin yoga do all this?

You’ll have to try it and find out. I’ll see you on the mat.

Want to give it a try? Our Yin Yoga class is on Wednesday’s at 6:30 p.m.; new students can sign up for our 30 days for $30 package. Join us for a special Yin Yoga + Chocolate class on Saturday, 3/5/2016 @ 2:00 p.m. (Early bird rate for this class ends on 2/27! Spots are filling up so register now!)

If you have questions for Rick, give us a call at 301.328.5326 or email at info@thirdspacewellness.com/old.


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