Who says money can’t buy winter happiness?

Winter is my least favorite season. You would think that my rage alone would be enough to keep me warm until April but, sadly, it does not.

But you know what? I finally figured out that there are things I can do and buy to ease my winter blues. I listed them below. I asked Rachel and Joy as well for things they use and look forward to when the weather turns cold.


  • Crockpot and dutch oven for making warm foods
  • ThermaCare wraps for when I am out and about (on my tummy or low back)
  • A good winter scarf and gloves
  • Tea kettle (love my electric one because it’s so fast!)
  • Boots that I won’t slip in
  • Fleece-lined leggings (LOVE)


  • Thicker lotion than in the warmer months (Gold Bond works amazing)
  • Hand warming device: either those mini hand warmers or a portable tea/coffee mug that’s not too insulated so the warmth can be felt
  • Ginger tea because it’s warming
  • Electric heating blankets


  • Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate (preferred over the fancy kind)
  • SmartWool Socks (God’s gift to us who hate the cold)
  • Mittens (will make you feel like a clapping penguin – a warm happy clapping penguin)
  • A super warm winter coat
  • Knitting

What do you look forward to in the wintertime? What items do you stock up on to get you through?

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