Why you should come to class

If I had a dime for every time I asked myself “how did I live before the Google?”, I would be a bazillionaire. Okay, maybe a hundredaire… OKAAAY, I would have at least $10. Anyway, with the advent of technology, online yoga classes are becoming more and more prevalent. I am excited that yoga is becoming more accessible. Because many of us have schedules and lifestyles that preclude hopping over to class, I am strongly for online classes. My stance will always be “some yoga is better than no yoga.” However, you are missing out on three crucial things when you don’t come to class…

  1. Community – Interacting with someone who is not your spouse, your child, or your coworker is good for the soul. As humans we are social creatures and a yoga class can be as social or not social as you want it to be. Sitting with others who are caring for themselves in the same way you are is an effective way to ensure that yoga becomes a habit. Not to mention that when you come to class, someone is holding you accountable.
  2. Hands-on expertise – In class you have a teacher in the room who can provide assists and tips, give encouragement, and keep you safe as you practice. Not to mention that it is more likely you will do the whole class – instead of giving up in the middle. Have a question or need clarification? The teacher is right there.
  3. No interruptions – I often practice at home and I almost always end up cleaning… Being that close to my floor with all the friendly dust bunnies has not been conducive to my practice. Phone calls, family members, and UPS have also been detrimental to my home practice. This problem would not exist in class. Yes, maybe your fellow yogi can get a little too into that pigeon pose but generally the yoga classroom is a distraction-free zone. An uninterrupted savasana is the best kind of savasana.

Besides, aren’t we all so tired of looking at a screen??? I know I am. So every now and then make the extra effort to put on pants and come to class. You will be so glad you did.

Remember that like yoga, the wave is so much more fun when there is more than one person. The more the merrier!

Happy yoga-ing!


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