Why Downtown Silver Spring?

Why do we focus on Downtown Silver Spring?

Here are a few things we have going for us here:


  • A meditation museum!
  • The headquarters for Discovery Communications which means we see a 747-size blow-up shark attached to their building during Shark Week.
  • Science on a Sphere: A massive dynamic globe for us science nerds: this is the closest thing to viewing the earth from space. Housed at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • The day I moved to Silver Spring I overheard 5 languages within a 2 block radius. And we have the highest population of Ethiopians outside of Ethiopia (Ethiopian food, anyone?).
  • Free around-town shuttle called “Van Go” decorated like Van Gogh paintings, if you love puns.
  • An internationally recognized film festival at our very own American Film Institute.
  • This is where Dave Chappelle and Goldie Hawn got their childhood education. Wait, is that good or bad?
  • A stone’s throw from D.C. without as much of the D.C. hubub, complete with our own metro stop; this brings in good neighbors.
  • Easy access to ear-numbing bass at the Fillmore.
  • Our own quirky Thanksgiving Day Parade and Zombie Walk.
  • Some of the best kept food secrets around: Moorenko’s ice cream, Kaldi’s Coffee Bar, Piratz Tavern (do YOU have a real Pirate bar where you live??) Jackie’s, Urban Butcher, and the Quarry House Tavern.
  • Access to great hidden hiking trails.
  • Room for more growth: With constant plans for new buildings, we need more places for yoga, acupuncture and wellness to be part of the daily hustle and bustle here!

We have a symbiotic relationship with Silver Spring: this is where we do most of our working, living, shopping [yay local!], eating and playing. And it’s where we see our core values – community, education, accessibility and diversity – thriving.

Last weekend, we hosted a get-together at another one of our favorite spots, Scion restaurant. Several of our neighborhood friends (new and old) and like-minded individuals looking for wellness synchronicity braved the cold to break bread together and stir up some great conversations. We were so inspired by the group as we shared some words about our dreams for the year and for the future of health and wellness.

What a prime example of the definition of a third space: a place away from home and work where we can put our ideas together and create the change we wish to see in the world.

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