Why community?

A community that sticks together stays well together.

At Third Space Wellness this is one of our guiding principles. In everything we do we are making sure that our commitment to helping people forge relationships that result in a greater sense of having a community is present because it’s our stance that this is key to well being.

Community is a popular buzz word and theme right now…Why does it matter and why is it such a popular concept?

Maybe if you check in with the depths of your being you already have an answer, and I’d encourage you to check in. I say that it’s valuable to know what difference having a supporting village (whether big or small) of people in your life means to your wellness journey.

Between the three of us owners, our passion for helping people build community together, and our passion for the particular community we live in, are as diverse as we are and yet intrinsically connected. While I won’t speak for my partners, I can tell about what it means to me and thus why it has played a part in not only our mission and vision for Third Space, yet also all of the activities and events we’ve been up to.

(If you haven’t seen the latest newsletter, which hit inboxes all over the U.S. just today, make sure you can check it out here, because this is where you can connect with the community efforts we’ve been making. You can also check out last week’s blog that highlights the amazing vision board that members of the Silver Spring community created together.)

I grew up in a very socially oriented home. My earliest memories of life and love include family and friend get togethers with all of the wonderful people that my parents chose to surround themselves with. As a result I’ve inherited an incredible community of close knit friends to share in life’s joys and woes with. Happily, I had a gazillion play dates and went to so many birthday parties and celebrations. And, whenever the shit hit the fan there were always people to catch us and help. I had many sleepovers with these beloved friends when my parents had to travel to tend ill loved ones, or attend funerals that my sister and I were too young to participate in. Many days and nights our family visited with these same beloveds to bring meals or visit them when they were ill. It was not strange for our phones to ring at odd hours when someone’s support was needed, and this carries on in our lives today. Here we are 34 years later, and just a few years ago when my father had surgery we needed some help attending him during the longer days and nights; our family had a huge list of willing and able spirits to keep him company and make sure he ate and did his exercises. There is really nothing more humbling then knowing that an entire community of loving people are at my fingertips to help out. These same people are at all of the celebrations we’ve shared as a family too, and fortunately there have been many. It’s incredibly awesome, and by awesome I literally mean I am struck with awe by it.

I was so lucky to learn about the importance of having this village of people around me at a young age, and then in my teens it was fortified when I went to sleep away summer camp. A wonderful place called Mosh, known well for it’s amazing ability to help all kids find their village, be accepted, loved and part of something bigger than themselves. Summers full of living with my camp family helped me learn what it takes to feed 200 people three times a day, ensure that the bathrooms work, keep the grounds clean and fertile, help a young person heal from home sickness, make sure no one got sick from dehydration, and mostly how it takes all of us to make a difference in the world in the face of what can seem unjust or unfair. We learned how to educate ourselves, organize ourselves and take action on issues in our small communities or society at large in order to elicit change whether that was supporting the homeless population, cleaning up a public park, taking on prejudice to help extinguish it, or even help settle differences between two opposing view points. We talked at depth in the daytime about how to work together well and make the world the best it could be, and at night we shared stories, made music, feasted and shared personal philosophies and experiences to help one another get through puberty, heartbreaks, loss…

These two experiences – my home life and my summer life – took root in the deepest part of my being and I’ve brought my commitment to building deep and lasting bonds with people and creating community around me into every aspect of my life. I’m lucky to have friends, like my parents do, who I have known my entire life or close to it. I’m lucky to have selected friends and colleagues over these many years who I love deeply and who I know I’d do anything for and likewise who would do anything for me. I’m lucky to have family who would go to the ends of the earth for one another.

At the end of the day it’s all about living well with one another.

Wellness is just as much about the people we live our lives with as it is the air we breathe, the food we eat, the sleep we need, the fitness we pursue and the passions we follow. Wellness is not only about finding ways to live with more ease and less dis-ease (right, if you separate disease into two parts that’s what you have); wellness is about choosing a village who will support you when you fall down because you forgot how to take good care of yourself, or who will show up and help – with wisdom, resources, hugs…whatever it takes, when something terrible happens. Wellness is about having people who respect you so deeply and are so incredibly committed to you having a great life that they will be there in the moments when you’ve forgotten which way is forward and they will point you back in the right direction. And, wellness is about having people who will celebrate your special moments along side you, even if you are feeling shy.

This is why we care so deeply about bringing wellness and people together. We’re looking to help you find your village. And, we hope that as you find yourself in a community that makes your life more wonderful that you will pay it forward and invite others to find their people too.

Please join us in making sure that everyone has access to wellness through the love and support of a community.


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