This week’s post brought to you by the letter “C”.

For champagne.

Now that we are officially in May we can claim that we have completely completed our first full year in business at Third Space Wellness. Amongst all of the things we have learned, one additional thing is that celebration is key!

Hence, champagne.

Here is us last year (with the husbands), celebrating our opening:

A lack of underwear and other humorous moments.

Here is us all this year, celebrating our first anniversary (a little older, wiser and hopefully more gorgeous):

This week's post brought to you by the letter "C."

Turns out we can learn a lot from the letter “C“:

#1 Celebrate everything – both large victories and small alike. Champagne and cake help.

#2 Camaraderie amongst business partners is essential. We are lucky to love each other, and it might be even more important that we actually like each other.

#3 Community – bottom line, it’s why we do what we do. We have an amazing community here in Silver Spring.

#4 Change is essential. We’ve had to be flexible along this journey, change our minds, change our game plan sometimes. Turns out, that’s OK!



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