Take a break today! 4 ways to slow it down.

This is just a friendly reminder from us to you to make sure you take a little time for yourself today, and every day!

Busy life includes work, laundry, who’s making dinner, getting ready for vacation and then recovering from vacation, more laundry, more work, too many Facebook posts to read and more! If you’re finding yourself caught up in the busy bee-ness of life you might notice some things like:

  • I want to sleep and my mind is so busy with thoughts or worries that I can’t settle in!
  • Holy cow my back hurts! Massage please.
  • I think I forgot to eat lunch today…wait, did I??
  • Legs. Too. Heavy. To. Move.
  • Ouch, headache!

…or more. These are just a few from my personal cabinet of symptoms when I forget to slow down in life.

Here are some easy peasy tips for taking a break:

  1. (Always a favorite of mine) Remember to BREATHE! Just a few deep breaths before you turn off the shower nozzle or take the keys out of the car can ease you into a pace that makes your entire day feel less hectic. Before you rush to drop off lil’ Tommy or make it to your client meeting give yourself a moment to let some air into your body. It will only take 30 seconds!
  2. Get up from your desk! Set an alarm for each hour or engage a buddy at work to tear you away from your screen for just a few minutes so that you can walk around the office or step outside for some sunshine. Moving your muscles and letting your eyes focus on something besides your spreadsheet will do oodles for your physiology and your emotions too! We humans are not designed for sitting for as long as we do. Give your circulation a boost and your brain a ‘take 5’…all of those emails will still be there ready for you 5 minutes later, for realz!
  3. Plan a break! Stay-cation, vacation, mini-cation – Whatevs! Stop whatever you are doing right now (yep stop reading for a minute) and take a peak at your calendar. Any time-off booked before the winter holidays? If not, make a choice right now to take some time for you (you can even bring people you love, or visit them!) and block out that time on your calendar right now. Now select about an hour of time in the next 24 hours and write another appointment into your calendar called: “Plan my ‘cation.” Good job, now call or text someone you love, and request that they call you at this time tomorrow and ask you if you planned your ‘cation yet. If you say “not yet,” ask if they will stay on the phone with you until you commit to your plans and a next step that they can follow-up with you on! (Yes, you do have to pick up the phone tomorrow 🙂 )
  4. Be present with your food! If you’ve been forgetting to taste or sniff your food because you are too busy scarfing it, take it down a notch. Eating can be a wonderful break in the day and you gain more than just the usual nutritional benefits of slowing down to eat (which are too many to list here, so maybe another time!), you will enjoy yourself and be geared up for whatever comes next. Slow down by counting your chews before swallowing (no less than 15!), or putting your hands in your lap between bites. Bon Appétit!

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