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Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: Before & After Roundtable Wellness with Nate

“Instead of me trying to control what’s coming in, now it’s me deciding what I want to put out into the world – what energy I want to bring into places; I’m spending so much less time fighting being overwhelmed.” ~ Nate Talk about a ‘before’ and ‘after’! This podcast is our conversation with Nate about this entire Roundtable Wellness project from start to finish, and beyond; we talk about what life is like for Nate … Read More

Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: Roundtable Wellness Experience with Nate

“I thought my body was physically rendering what my mental state was… turned out [that it was the exact opposite]. As I took care of myself physically…that cleanse (I was looking for) came from what I was doing physically.” ~ Nate Welcome to the Roundtable Wellness Experience: Nate. This is an introduction to a special project we’ve been working on for awhile. Nate is our producer at Wellness Unlocked and a longtime friend and colleague of … Read More

Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: Interview with Aunt Flo

Menstruation. Period. Rag time. Lunar cycle. In this episode, we discuss what a “normal” period is ideally like, and questions to ask yourself about your cycle. This is an episode all about the feminine life force called bleeding. Tune in to find out where your period falls in the spectrum of normal; we cover what makes a flow heavy, what are different types of cramps, what clotting means, number of days in your cycle, what … Read More

Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: The Community Speaks

We’re serious when we talk about the importance of community. So, we decided to bring some of our peeps in to chat with you about their wellness experiences with acupuncture, yoga, food and more… we want you to hear from the folks we consider the real experts (that’s you – yep! You are the best wisdom for your own body and wellness). We’ve got fabulous guests – Rebecca, Nate, Pete and Tia – community members to … Read More