Tis a gift to receive

Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays of the year. It’s a time where we take a moment to reconnect with loved ones, rest, give thanks, and give gifts of love. I am especially thankful for this holiday season because it comes at the end of a year filled with both joys and trials including the loss of a long time larger-than-life family friend to ALS. She was diagnosed before the ice bucket challenges started … Read More

Another look at thankful

On Tuesday nights, before our standing meeting here at Third Space, I often attend a yoga class. I’ve learned that when I do yoga I am better – in life. I breathe better, I stand taller, my blood moves and I feel easier. But this post isn’t about why people should do yoga – it’s about what I discovered on Tuesday night because I was doing yoga. I almost didn’t go, I mean – really. … Read More