What did you learn from your Spring cold/cough?

Lots of folks lately have had a spring cold that shows up in all kinds of ways like messing up digestion, settling deep in the lungs, and lingering forever. Whether it’s allergies or a full blown flu, it can put a damper on your energy level and day-to-day living. I recently had a visit from the cough fairy. I paid attention to it because last year at this same time I also had a live-in cough. … Read More

Pillow talk: how sleep affects everything

How do you get good sleep in an era of Leaning In and Netflix binging? Sleep is not so easy to come by these days. And being tired all the time affects your work, your home life, your social life, and everyone around you. Not sleeping enough is like driving your car on fumes all the time: it eventually wears out your engine. Losing a couple of hours of sleep every night is linked to … Read More