Be well this summer.

We are big on learning from nature about how to be well. Part of this is taking note of what each season, uniquely, has to offer us in learning to live our lives with more ease. Here we are in summer; the season of the heart. For some of us, it’s this time of year that we look forward to – we can’t wait for it. It’s the best time of the year. For others … Read More

This week’s post brought to you by the letter “C”.

For champagne. Now that we are officially in May we can claim that we have completely completed our first full year in business at Third Space Wellness. Amongst all of the things we have learned, one additional thing is that celebration is key! Hence, champagne. Here is us last year (with the husbands), celebrating our opening: Here is us all this year, celebrating our first anniversary (a little older, wiser and hopefully more gorgeous): Turns … Read More

Guest Blog: I am not my flaws.

Have you ever felt resentment or anger towards someone who hurt you in a relationship? If you have, you’re not alone. I have too. Let me tell you the story of how I got through it. In 2012, I met the most amazing guy on We’ll call him David. He was tall, dark and handsome, a Texas native, proud veteran, boisterous, and he made me laugh until it hurts. That’s what got me, the … Read More

When pain is a gift

You have 100% chance of contracting pain in your lifetime. The question is what’s your m.o. when it happens. How long has it been since you’ve felt pain? Last month? Last night? Right now? Was it achy, sharp, dull, boring, throbbing, hot, constricting? What did you do about it? Ice it, heat it, numb it, inject it, drug it, get it tested, treated, or cut out? How do you handle pain? Do you wince, cry, … Read More

Celebrating love is good for you

Right now I’m traveling to the wedding of one of my brothers. How sweet it is to take time to set everything aside for a moment to focus on love. In fact, it’s not only meaningful, it’s healthy. Our cells physically respond to love by opening and relaxing, thus promoting the smooth flow of blood, fluids, and Qi throughout the body. Think about the last time you had a moment of love… for a cupcake, … Read More

Just a gentle reminder

Just a gentle reminder from one of my favorite yoga teachers, Nina Stanger: Winter. Over it. Need sun. And to all the ladies* I’ve talked to this week frustrated with how hard it is to not gain a few pounds during this time of year: You are beautiful and it is okay. Myself included. *And men, too. Please be as kind to yourself as you are to others. Happy wintering!