Why you should come to class

If I had a dime for every time I asked myself “how did I live before the Google?”, I would be a bazillionaire. Okay, maybe a hundredaire… OKAAAY, I would have at least $10. Anyway, with the advent of technology, online yoga classes are becoming more and more prevalent. I am excited that yoga is becoming more accessible. Because many of us have schedules and lifestyles that preclude hopping over to class, I am strongly … Read More

Yoga for Dummies

Ever sit in a yoga class and think, “I have no idea what the teacher just said.” I’ve been there. So to help you fake it till you make it, below are some terms you may run into: 1. NAMASTE. One definition is “I bow to the divine in you.” Used as a greeting. 2. ASANA. Sanskrit for pose. You will find that the Sanskrit name for poses end with asana. For example, Sav-asana or Mal-asana … Read More