What kind of yoga is taught at Third Space Wellness?

We are often asked this question especially by people who are new to our space. In short, our teachers at Third Space Wellness blend different styles of yoga into their classes. Except for our Yin Yoga class, each teacher takes a blend of Vinyasa, traditional Hatha, Yin, and other yoga schools of thought into class. It can change from day-to-day and may depend on the students in class on that particular day. Because there are … Read More

Yoga props are your friends

If you have ever been to a yoga class or even just looked into one, you are probably wondering what the story is behind all the items used by students in a yoga class besides the mat. What are these “props” that people are using?!? What are they for? What do they do? Do I need them as well? Yes, no and maybe are the best responses depending on where you are on your physical … Read More

What is your yoga type?

Disclaimer: This is NOT a Buzzfeed quiz where you answer a bunch of questions then “BAM, here’s the perfect type of yoga for you!!” But I know a lot of people who wish there was one  (an accurate one anyway) because the question I get asked the most is – what type of yoga should I practice? One of the obstacles to getting started in yoga is not knowing what type of yoga is right … Read More