How does acupuncture work?

One of the most common questions I hear is “how does it work?” Oh the mystery! I’m often tempted to pull out Legos to enact a scene of what happens inside the body during acupuncture. Maybe I will make that a youtube video one day… In the meantime, here’s a simple breakdown of how acupuncture works: Acupuncture is a system of medicine that uses specific points to activate the body’s own healing mechanisms. An acupuncturist … Read More

9 reasons to try acupuncture that you may not have known about

You’ve heard about it. You’ve been meaning to try it. So what should you pick as your reason to book an appointment? When people ask me what acupuncture is good for, the short answer is “anything you need help with”. Acupuncture is a system of medicine based on restoring balance. The goal is to restore normal functioning by balancing out what is excessive or lacking. You can book an appointment whether you have no symptoms … Read More

We all need somebody to lean on

Over the past few blog posts, we’ve told you the stories of how we each ended up where we are today. Here is how our paths crossed and intertwined: I fell in friend-love with Rachel on the first day of grad school at our acupuncture program when, as we went around the room introducing ourselves, she stood up – with her whole family in tow. Her fiance (now husband) Matt, said “I hope you all … Read More

Rachel’s Story: Part 2

“Hilarious!! Stick needles in people?”  Yeah right…! Trish kept mentioning it, and it only took me a few more weeks to hear her. With encouragement from her and Matt I generated enough curiosity and confidence to attend an open house at then Tai Sophia (now MUIH)… Maybe I would become some kind of healer after all? Looking back now, there were many moments that pointed to “healer” – my fascination with medicine women in stories … Read More

Rachel’s story: Part 1

I’m opening up my mind, body and soul to you, so you really have a sense of what lead me to here. It’s not all pleasantries. Bear with me, TMI and all. Please remember though, it wasn’t all bad. I had a wonderful childhood, and I have wonderful memories of joy with family and friends. Yet, when I look back at my life and recall the anguish I was experiencing being in my body, I … Read More

Joy’s story: the journey to acupuncture

The word coincidence is such a mysterious word, alluding to a collection of seemingly random events that lead us to drum up a dizzying amount of possible meanings. The term didn’t used to be so magical; it originated as a scientific math term to describe when two right angles fit together, or coincide. Here I will unfold a few specific events in my life that that fit together perfectly and led me to become an … Read More