Summer lovin’

This weekend happens to be the 4th of July. I am not going to get into the history of the holiday or the political, social and/or economic issues surrounding how we feel about our independence and freedom here in the USA and what it all means. I deeply respect that as a country we have a lot to be thankful for and oh-so-much work to do to be in wholeness together as a diverse culture of people. This is just not the point of this post.

I’m acknowledging the date because holidays like this one can make an awesome excuse to get together with the people we love and just enjoy being in life together. July 4th (especially on a holiday weekend, is a calendar treat because it’s summertime and, as you may have heard us mention before, in Chinese Medicine summer is the season of love, of the heart, of passion, and of relationship with people who matter to you.

This year, no matter what, let’s let this holiday serve as a gentle reminder of the importance of fun, love and relationship. If you have beef with this holiday, that’s cool too. Respect. Maybe instead of putting on your red, white and blues you can just chalk it up to an excuse for a good dose of summer medicine.

What do I mean by that?

It’s a fantastic time of year for pausing to celebrate your accomplishments up to this point in the year (2015). What obstacles have you overcome? Who has helped you to get where you are? What goals and objectives have you already achieved? And, what do you most want to be celebrated for?

It’s also an important time of year to mindfully check in with whatever ‘makes your heart sing.’ Ask yourself, am I content? Do I have enough joy in my life? Am I having fun? Do I have people in my life who I cherish and who I feel cherished by (or pets)? What would bring me more joy?

So, this weekend, make it a priority to check in with your heart and to spend time with at least one person who – when you are around them – brings out your vibrancy. This is a person (or people) who – when you are around them – you feel full of light, appreciated, your chest is open (not hunched) and you can breathe easily knowing you are safe in their company – they honor your feelings, they like you, they love you and this is all in spite of any of your self-proclaimed idiocies.

Give yourself permission to be silly, to laugh and to laugh with others. Do whatever it takes to achieve this: put on a funny outfit, play an inappropriate game (Cards Against Humanity anyone?), enjoy a margarita, get food on your face, or ask your beloved to tickle you until you almost pee your pants. Whatever it takes to get you rolling with laughter.

And give yourself permission to be vulnerable. Tell a friend about a secret you’ve been hiding about yourself – maybe it’s about an insecurity you have or something you are really proud of yet haven’t shared. Let them love you for it and be in it with you.

Make new memories, get a bit of sunshine, love and be loved.


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