Summer is chock full o’ lessons

Last week Joy helped us remember to take it down a notch, let our hair down and lush up the summer time. It’s an incredible time of year for celebrating, being with people and having a ball. It’s also an important time for us to be with ourselves.

I just started readingThe Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown. I’m going to let you know what I learn along the way.

I quickly fell in love with Brené and what she was offering when I first saw her TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability which brought me to tears the first time I watched it and still does every time. I realized how hard I can be on myself and how much suffering I know that I – and others I love and cherish – cause themselves over this very topic, vulnerability.

Self love is as important as is the love for other people and that which we are passionate about. Chinese medicine teaches that the heart, and a few important fellow envoys like our heart protector which in western physiology shows up as the pericardium, are the emissaries of the summertime. Represented in nature, as the sun shines its brightest here in our western hemisphere and the trees open their leaves widest, is a key reminder for opening our hearts, letting others in to love us, and loving others and ourselves unconditionally – bruises and all. Just think what fun would be like if it was grounded in true, deep and pure love.

Enjoy —

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