Summer is chock full o’ lessons; part deux

Summer is all about expansion and partnership so this is the perfect time of year to spread your wings, literally! And to spend time with the people you love. It’s all about being in the present moment. Here are some ideas for having an amazing summer:

  • Fresh Air and Sunshine – Get outside and stretch your arms as far as you can just like the branches of the trees. If you are with a buddy, reach out for each others hands. Stretching + hand grabbing = giggles which is the perfect summer medicine. And stretching helps move your circulation; summer is the season of the heart, so let’s move the blood and the love!
  • Unplug – Fight the urge to start and end your day on tablets and smartphones and instead just take that time to enjoy the present moment. First thing in the morning cuddle up with a pet, step outside to listen to the birds or call someone you haven’t had voicetime with in a while to wish them a great day. At night spend time telling a loved one about something in your day that filled you with joy or made you smile and laugh; if you are living single pick-up the phone or write a letter to your besty or favorite uncle (so old school! yet so heartwarming) to share these tidbits about yourself and hear about theirs.
  • Have Fun – Plan fun into your day every day or at least every week. Whether it’s 5 minutes or an entire weekend make it a priority to do activities and/or spend time with people that make you smile. That “to-do” list will still be there for you tomorrow morning, so no need to churn and burn every moment of every day. Take the time, you are worth it!
  • Be with yourself – Part of living in your heart space is spending time with yourself, your thoughts and the things you enjoy. There is an intimate nature to summer and some of the intimacy that nourishes us most deeply is with ourselves. Spend some time engaging in a hobby that fills you with contentment or journaling about your hopes and dreams. This time of year is a great time to check-in and make sure that life matches your heart’s greatest desires.
  • Spend time with others – In summer, we need people. Just like those branches on the tree reach out to other parts of nature our inner spirits want to reach out and spread to others. It’s an amazing time for taking time to communicate and connect with our family, our best friends and our partners. As part of the fun you are planning, make sure to include some “people-time” on the calendar whether it’s at a big BBQ or a quiet dinner on the porch.

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