SEVEN excellent reasons to join the TSW Silver Spring Running Club

Here are seven seriously excellent reasons to join the TSW Silver Spring Running Club or #SSRunClub for short:

  1. Because misery loves company.

Okay, not really, but it will be so much better to have someone running by your side than toughing out a run alone.

  1. To have someone hold you accountable. And for you to hold someone else accountable.

Imagine if your workout had the dual purpose of not only helping yourself but helping someone else as well. Is there anything more motivating than that?

  1. You will run faster than you would have alone.

Nothing like a little friendly competition to get the juices going. The best part is that you probably won’t notice how much harder you are working.

  1. You can learn from other runners.

Pick up tips and tricks from other runners. (Or in my case what not to do.)

  1. Make new friends.

You will make new friends. It is also a great excuse to see your old friends on a weekly basis.

  1. To heckle Pete Tan of Silver Spring, Inc. or Sam.

This part is not required, but if poking fun of Pete or Sam is right up your alley, then you should not miss this opportunity.

  1. Get to know your neighborhood.

Some people walk a straight line from their home to their office but joining a running club is a great way to get to know the hidden treasures near your home.

But you know what? I understand why you would hesitate to go because I thought it, too, before my first ever running club.  The biggest question is: WHAT IF I CAN’T KEEP UP? It can be really intimidating.

Let me reassure you that I am the slowest runner on the planet. You will never be the slowest runner as long as I am around. I once ran so slowly that my smart phone app thought I had stopped running. Yes, that bad. And I have been running for years. It doesn’t matter to me. My goal is not to torture myself with running. My goal is to move and share that experience with and encourage others.

So lace up your running shoes and see you at Third Space on Sunday, April 12th at 9:30 AM. Sign up here. The best part is that after we do our run we’ll do stretches for runners at the end of our run/walk/crawl.


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