Professional Wellness Community

A Third Space for Wellness Professionals

Third places are an important aspect of modern living. These are the unique gathering spots – not home and not work – where we come together to connect with one another. They are the coffee shops, churches, libraries, sports arenas and salons where amongst the activity we share our lives with each other, gather advice, gain support and laugh.

Co-working fulfills another modern need – shared office spaces where professionals and entrepreneurs can come and go – sit at a desk and complete projects, network, or utilize an ad-hoc conference room. These spots provide professional locations to complete our work and to connect with others.

Third Space Wellness is the new combination of a third place and a co-working-style venue for wellness professionals to collaborate and work. You can offer your services and classes to the public and utilize the studio to complete other work-related tasks as an office, meeting or production space. We’re a third space for wellness, healing, movement, education, and fun and you can find a home here amongst like-minded colleagues. 

Providers who use our Studio regularly to offer classes, workshops and other special events or who use our treatment rooms to see clients in a one-on-one setting are members of our Professional Wellness Community. This is a collective of licensed and/or credentialed health and wellness professionals committed to supporting individuals, families, and organizations as they improve their wellbeing.

We’re delighted to work with the following organizations and individuals as partners in bringing wellness to the community (in no particular order):

To reach one of our Professional Wellness Community members directly click on their link(s) above. Third Space Wellness pricing and packages do not apply to their offerings or classes.

To inquire about joining our Professional Wellness Community, call us at (301.328.5326) or send us an email.

Professional Wellness Community members are required to carry their industry standard liability insurance and will be required to provide coverage documentation. We reserve the right to decline any inquiry for studio or treatment room use.