I have this postcard…
Do you accept insurance?
What is wellness and what does it mean?
Why community?
What is acupuncture?
Does it hurt (acupuncture)?
What does it treat (acupuncture)?
Who can receive acupuncture (acupuncture)?
What is Chinese herbal medicine?
What is yoga?
Who can participate in yoga (or our movement programs in general)?
What will my nutrition visits be like? How can it help me?
Who can receive massage?
What should I expect during my first psychotherapy session?
If I begin psychotherapy, how can I gain the most from it?
What is the difference between seeing a Clinical Social Worker, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist?
What are your hours of operation?
What is your cancellation policy?
What is your return policy?
What are the other rules?
You have family packages; how do you define family?
What is your inclement weather/emergency closing policy?
If I am pregnant, can I use your services?
Should I tip my practitioner?

I have this postcard...


New clients are welcome to bring this postcard in for 15% off any single one-on-one service that is not covered by insurance.

Do you accept insurance?

We gladly accept insurance for acupuncture. Check with your insurance provider to learn about coverage for acupuncture with your plan. We are in-network providers with CareFirst, Cigna, Aetna and United. If you are covered by a different insurance carrier you may be eligible for out-of-network coverage. Fill out and return this Insurance Verification Form to have us check your benefits and co-pay.

If you have insurance coverage for acupuncture, your co-pay is due at the time of service.

If you do not have insurance coverage for acupuncture, our time of service discount fees are:

  • Acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine initial appointment: $139 (a 90-minute session)
  • Acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine follow-up appointments: $89 (up to 60 minutes)
  • Memberships: When you purchase your services in bulk, you save even more!
  • Group sessions: Priced per event; see below for wellness events.

We charge an administrative fee of $25 for more than one copy of your records annually, to include copying, postage, and sending records to insurance companies, legal firms, or other medical facilities.

What is wellness and what does it mean?

Wellness is, in our opinion, knowing yourself well. What each individual needs in order to be well, recover from disease, and sustain a consistent level of health is different from any other individual. So, knowing yourself well includes understanding what your unique needs are for nutrition, sleep, exercise, self-expression, and the list goes on. We help you discover this by helping you get deeply in touch with your body. Your body holds all of the keys to what you need for wellness and recognizing when you are well and when you are not.

Why community?

Throughout time, people within communities have been taking care of one another by eating together, playing together, learning together, raising their children together, and caring for the sick, elderly and dying together. The key word is together and is further illuminated within the word community.

The Oxford dictionary offers that a community is “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” We believe that a community also offers its constituents an opportunity to cultivate oneself and positively influence and enhance the experience of others within the community by nature of friendship, sharing wisdom, life lessons and experiences with others, and caring for each other. Caring for each other extends to celebrating one another’s joys, sharing in one another’s sorrows, and providing direct support during times of distress. We make no separation between one’s experience of joy, sorrow, and distress in terms of their health. They are the same thing.

We are giving you an opportunity to come together in community to explore and enhance your wellness through a variety of healthcare treatment options, physical movement classes, and educational seminars. We heal better together.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one aspect of Chinese Medicine which includes, and is not limited to, acupuncture, Chinese Herbal medicine, moxibustion, Chinese nutritional therapy, and lifestyle considerations. We use all of these.

Here is how we explain what we do: we use our senses – seeing you, listening to you, sometimes smelling you (!), and touching specific pressure points on your body – to take in your story. Your symptoms correlate a comprehensive (mind, body, spirit) explanation for your suffering and your thriving that is unique to you. We use this information to develop a treatment plan. Then we select places on the body (acupuncture points) to insert very thin, sterile, filiform needles, and/or apply moxa (a warming herb) to help rectify the flow of Qi. Qi is the life giving energy which, in Chinese Medicine, is the basis for life. As the Qi flow is rectified, symptoms improve and disease processes can heal or slow down – essentially, you come back into balance.

Does it hurt (acupuncture)?

Each person feels something different with each different point. Sometimes you cannot even feel it at all. Other times it can feel like a pinch, a swirling, hot or cold, a slight ache, or a zip of electricity! We have even had people begin to laugh from the sensation. In our experience as patients and practitioners, it is much more comfortable than receiving a shot at the doctor’s or having your blood drawn. It feels very different from a hypodermic needle. You may or may not feel it and it is hard to describe when you do! Typically, after the needle is inserted any sensation tapers off over a few minutes. You can read more here about what acupuncture feels like.

What does it treat (acupuncture)?

You are more than your disease, so what we treat is you – the whole you. With that in mind, we can treat a variety of everything, really! Here are some common diseases, symptoms, and complaints. We’ve listed them from A – Z not by importance.

  • Aches and pains (injury-related or chronic)
  • Addictions
  • Asthma
  • Autoimmune conditions (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, etc.)
  • Cancer and cancer-related symptoms and treatment side effects
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive troubles like IBS, colitis, GERD and reflux, bloating, constipation, gas
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Eating and nutritional disorders
  • Headaches, migraines
  • High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other cardiovascular concerns
  • Fertility, Postpartum, Menopause, and Menstruation
  • Mental health (depression, anxiety, OCD, mania, and psychosis)
  • Fatigue and low energy
  • Sexual health
  • Skin issues (hives, eczema, acne and more)
  • Sleep disturbance and sleeplessness
  • Stress-related symptoms
  • Trauma, PTSD

Who can receive acupuncture?

The short answer is anyone! Yes, we treat babies, children, adolescents, adults and elders. We do not treat animals here, though we know people who do and can connect you.

The answer, “anyone,” often surprises people though remember, Chinese Medicine is a comprehensive system of medicine that has been practiced for over 3000 years and was the only medicine available in China until Westerners came to the country sometime between the 16th and 17th centuries bringing additional medical therapies with them.

Many people do not realize that we can support people of all ages with a multitude of symptoms; you can review the list above to see what acupuncture can help with whether it’s a baby with colic, a toddler who is finicky about food or an adult with migraines.

It’s important to know that while we can and do provide acupuncture to anyone of any age, if for any reason we believe that a different medical modality is more appropriate or required to help you (or your loved one) we will always make that timely referral.

What is Chinese herbal medicine?

Like acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine has been an aspect of medicine practiced for thousands of years. Chinese herbs can be taken internally (as liquids like sipping tea, in capsule form, or as a tincture) and externally as applications for skin conditions and other painful conditions like rashes, sores, and more. We use Chinese herbs as part of treatment to help your body come back into balance. They are different than pharmaceuticals; herbal formulas help promote the natural optimal functioning of your body systems — the formulas do not provide the function, they remind your body to function properly on its own, just like acupuncture needles do.

Chinese herbs are provided in formulas which means that they are combined with each other in order to work as a team of herbs supporting particular functions. The herbs we use are sourced from respectable companies in the United States who work with local and international farmers and sources to ensure the highest and safest quality products. As with any intervention in the treatment room we are conscientious to ensure that your herbal formula will not negatively interact with any other medications you are taking.

What is yoga?

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj,” which means “to join” or “to yoke.” The practice of yoga, whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritual, is meant to unite us to the higher level of our being – which is a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. That being said, for some, yoga is a physical exercise focused on flexibility and strength. Yoga has many definitions and many purposes. Traditionally, yoga revolves around three main ideas: exercise, breath, and meditation. There are over a hundred different schools of yoga – each with their own philosophy and style. Yoga has been known to help in managing stress and improving health and wellbeing.

Who can participate in yoga?

At Third Space Wellness yoga is for “every body.” We have varying levels of classes and our teachers are equipped to meet the needs of a diverse group of students. With that in mind, we encourage people to find a level of yoga that is appropriate for them, this makes for a better experience for every student. We are happy to answer individual questions about yoga and the class levels we offer.

The same is true for any movement class or program we offer.

For youth participation in yoga and movement programs, our practice is the following:

  • Minors may accompany parents, legal guardians, or “the adult(s) in charge” to classes if they are and remain self sufficient, healthy, and quiet (as observers) throughout the duration of the class.
  • Minors under the age of 13 may not participate in class unless it is specified as a family-friendly class. The fees for participation for this age group will be specified with each class.
  • Minors age 13 – 17 may participate in any movement classes and programs classes at Third Space Wellness with a signed consent form containing their parent/legal guardian signature and can participate independently with an additional signed permission slip.
  • We reserve the right to remove anyone from classes or programs if they are disruptive so as to ensure a safe and excellent experience for the entire community.

What will my nutrition visits be like? How can it help me?

There are many things a nutritionist can help you with; Susie discusses some of them in this blog post. A nutritionist can help you with a variety of symptoms like headaches, embarrassing or just plain uncomfortable digestive disturbances (gas, heartburn, bloating, pain, constipation, diarrhea, etc.), fatigue, difficulty sustaining a favorable weight, cravings and so much more. Your intake will include a comprehensive overview of all of your body systems, a discussion about what daily life looks like for you (work, hobbies, home life, stressors), any diagnoses you’ve received from your medical provider and a conversation about your goals and objectives.

After your intake you will have at least two follow-up visits (a visit every two weeks) to check-in, receive recommendations from your nutritionist and figure out together how to best implement any lifestyle and food changes that will help you reach your nutrition and wellness goals. Then you and your practitioner will assess what you need moving forward. Your appointments are a judgement free zone to explore your life with food and how to make food work for you; you can bring anything to the table and we will do our best to help.

Who can receive massage?

Simply, everyone. Our practitioners can see anyone age infant through senior. If you’re not sure who to book your child with, call us at 301.328.5326 and we will connect you to the right massage therapist.

Certain health conditions or post-surgery recovery situations may be contraindicated with massage; in this case we require a letter of clearance from your physician before your can receive your massage.

What should I expect during my first psychotherapy session?

Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment to complete the required paperwork. These will help the therapist know the reason(s) you are seeking services and how she can assist you. You and your therapist will review the Consent to Services form. After you have agreed to the terms of the agreement and your questions have been addressed, your therapist will begin to collect information regarding what brought you to seek services at this time, symptoms, desired outcomes and discuss treatment options with you. During this first session you will have an opportunity to begin to get to know your therapist and your therapist’s style. The therapist will meet with you for approximately 50 minutes.

If I begin psychotherapy, how can I gain the most from it?

Therapy is a two-way process that works especially well when you and your therapist communicate openly. You and your therapist both have responsibilities in establishing and maintaining a good working relationship. Be clear with your therapist about your concerns that may arise. Therapy works best when you attend all scheduled sessions and give some forethought as to what you want to discuss during each session.

Therapy isn’t easy. And, Individuals willing to work in close partnership with their counselor or psychologist often find relief from their emotional distress and begin to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

What is the difference between seeing a Clinical Social Worker, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist?

All three types of mental health professionals are trained to provide psychotherapy and to evaluate and treat mental illnesses. A Clinical Social Worker receives a master’s degree (or higher) in social work, a Psychologist receives a doctorate degree in psychology, and a Psychiatrist is a medical doctor (M.D. or D.O.) who may also prescribe medication.
All are able to help patients gain a better understanding of patterns of behavior and thought that interfere with achieving personal goals.

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours are not posted to the website because they change on occasion based on seasonal class calendars and general class times.

In general here’s what you need to know:

  • Acupuncture appointments are available on Mondays – Saturdays each week (unless there is a special holiday or we are closed for special events). Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are each available on varying days of the week. You can book your appointment online or by contacting us directly.
  • Yoga classes are offered most days of the week, our calendar is generally modified seasonally. Our class calendar is updated at all times.
  • Nutrition and massage appointments are available on varying days of the week when the practitioner is here. You can call us to inquire about which days as those appointment times can vary from time to time.
  • If we do not answer the phone or respond to your email or voicemail immediately it is likely because either we are closed at that time or are assisting another client. We respond to client/patient emails and voicemail at least six days a week, and you should hear back from us within one business day for most inquiries.
What is your cancellation policy?

It’s particular to the service:

  • One-on-one services* which are canceled less than 24-hours prior to the appointment are subject to a cancellation fee equal to the full cost of the appointment; this includes no-shows.
  • Yoga and movement classes which you reserve your space for online are not subject to cancellation fees.
  • Prepaid classes, workshops and special events which you have prepaid which are canceled less than 24-hours prior to the offering are eligible to receive a credit are eligible to receive a credit which expires one year from the date it is issued. This credit may be applied to any class, service or product that we offer.

*Please note that when you have an appointment with us at a particular time it means that someone else does not; we reserve that time specially for you. We respectfully request that you cancel or change your appointments at least 24-hours in advance so that we can support others who could use our help during that time.

What is your return policy?

It depends on what you need to return:

  • One-on-one services and yoga classes which you have already completed are non-refundable.
  • Memberships (except for unlimited yoga and the 20 for $20 new student special) are not contractual, and may be canceled at any time. If canceled, a pro-rated refund will be issued by totaling the amount of services utilized against the standard fee per service at the time of purchase to find the difference, excluding any retail discount.
  • Unlimited yoga can be canceled after 3-months of enrolling, with two-weeks notice which must be given with two-weeks prior to your monthly billing date in order to halt your subscription for the upcoming month. Unlimited yoga is non-refundable once billed.
  • The 20 for $20 new student yoga special may be refunded only if it has been unused and has not expired. Partially used 20 for $20 specials are non-refundable.
  • Retail products you purchase are refundable only if you have an allergic reaction to the item (specifically supplements, oils, and teas) or if the item breaks/malfunctions within 30 days of purchase. It never hurts to ask if you have a question about a return, we will give you a straight answer.
  • Prepaid classes or workshops are eligible to receive a credit which expires one year from the date it is issued. This credit may be applied to any class, service or product that we offer.

Note that ANY REFUND may take us up to 10 business days to complete; we will process your refund as quickly as possible though since we work with banks and credit card companies sometimes it takes some time for transactions to move in the airways.

Note that ALL MEMBERSHIPS expire one year from the original date of purchase.

What are the other rules?
  • We have a Community Code of Conduct and we reserve the right to dismiss anyone from Third Space Wellness who is not in compliance with this. You can read it on our site, or download it.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment we may:
    • Cancel your appointment or reschedule it.
    • Charge you for the full service or charge you a late cancellation fee.
    • Allow you to have your appointment for the remainder of the appointment time, at the full fee for service.

*Please note that we value your time and we request the same in return. We ask that you are available for the entirety of your appointment time so that we can do our best at our jobs.

  • Gift Certificates expire one year from the date of purchase; if you intend to hold onto your gift certificate before you gift it to your intended party, please let us know and we can try and work that out.
  • We cannot offer any discounts on services which are covered by insurance; this means that if you have insurance coverage for acupuncture and we are billing insurance for your visits we cannot offer you any specials, membership packages, or discounts on your visit, copay, or bill. It’s a legal thing! You can still participate in specials and membership packages for other services.

You have family packages; how do you define family?

Third Space Wellness considers “family” any group of persons sharing a household (living under the same roof) and/or persons who share a bloodline and/or last name and/or legal guardianship of some kind. Hence, if you fall into any of these categories, your family is welcome to purchase a family wellness package. We do require that you can illustrate that you are a family (by our definition) by showing us some form of proof that you live together or are related in some way.

What is your inclement weather/emergency closing policy?

Always check our home page, Twitter, or Facebook for updates concerning weather related or other closings.

We are committed to your safety and the safety of our practitioners and teachers. On days when severe weather (or other events) prevents safe travels to and from Third Space Wellness, we will be closed, will have a late opening (likely 10:00 a.m.) or will close early (situation dependent).

If you have an appointment scheduled on a day like this, we may contact you to move it or reschedule to ensure safety (and you can request a change to your appointment for this reason). Class cancellations will be announced as early as possible.

We will inform our decisions with information from local and national weather stations and especially local and Federal closings of government and schools.

Whenever possible we will have our doors open to provide regular services so the community can come together when we need each other most and so we can offer a place where people can hang out together… especially on the types of days when we think we’ll be clobbered with ice and snow and instead the roads and skies end up clear. Children and other persons you care for are welcome at Third Space Wellness (to hang by themselves if they are self-sufficient, or to be in your appointment with you) while you are in your regularly scheduled appointment on inclement weather days and any day!

If I am pregnant, can I use your services?

We receive this question often, here are the answers:

  • Acupuncture is safe to receive while pregnant. We prefer to work with women throughout their entire pregnancy or with whom we have provided treatment for prior to pregnancy. We generally do not accept new patients toward the end of their pregnancies who are specifically seeking acupuncture to assist with positioning and natural labor and delivery. If you’d like to receive acupuncture and you are pregnant please call us; depending on your individual circumstances we will talk with you to determine whether we can support you. It is important that you communicate any complications to the practitioner to ensure a safe treatment for both mother and baby. If complications are known and not reported we reserve the right to cancel treatment at any time.
  • Yoga is safe to practice while pregnant. If you are pregnant and you come to yoga it is important to communicate this to the teacher; your teacher will provide you with modifications to help you practice safely. It is a great idea to take prenatal yoga classes if you are pregnant because the entire class will be designed around safe and helpful moves for pregnancy.
  • Massage is safe to receive while pregnant. Some of our practitioners are certified to provide prenatal massage and each has achieved the basic training requirements. We prefer to work with women who are in their second and third trimester of pregnancy. If you’d like to receive massage and you are pregnant and experiencing any complications, please call us so that we can determine whether prenatal massage will be safe for both mother and baby.

We love to support people during their pregnancy and after. Our #1 commitment is to the health and safety of both mother and baby; therefore, if we believe that our services are not the right fit for you during your pregnancy, we will provide you with referrals to services that may better support you.

Should I tip my practitioner?

Massage is the only service for which we accept gratuity. If you would like to tip your massage therapist that is totally up to you – it is not expected or required.