Community Partnerships

A community that sticks together stays well together.

This is our philosophy from the inside out. We encourage our clients and patients to be in community with one another around their wellbeing and we do the same as an organization.

As part of our mission to create community we partner with other individuals and organizations whose missions and services are in alignment with ours. When you are at Third Space you may see some of our community partners in the building offering services, hosting events and teaching classes in our treatment rooms or in the studio. To inquire about community partnership opportunities, call us (301.328.5326) or send us an email.

We’re delighted to work with the following organizations and individuals as partners in bringing health, wellness and fun to the community (in no particular order):



We usually do not allow outside parties to use our studio during a standing or recurring activity we offer, such as a weekly yoga class or to offer a public event which is a direct conflict of interest with our offerings (inquire within if you are not sure this pertains to you). Teachers or health professionals who are required by licensure or certification to carry insurance will be required to provide coverage documentation. We reserve the right to decline any inquiry for studio use.