Roundtable Wellness Experience with Nate: Yoga

Welcome to the seventh vlog Nate published about his progress and experience during our Roundtable Wellness program. The program included several months of acupuncture treatments, yoga, and lifestyle practices focused around nutrition, sleep habits, and self-awareness.

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Before this project, Nate felt intimidated by yoga had never been to a full yoga class. Since going to a couple classes per week, plus the help of some private yoga sessions with Sam, he shares how putting in the hard work of slowing down, pacing your breath, and connecting with your body can have long-lasting calming effects as well as improving posture and breathing.

Yoga can sometimes be underrated in how powerful it can help you feel inside your own body as well as how calm and centered you can feel by the end of class – even if it simply helps ‘turn down the noise in your head’. As the pace of life seems to speed up, it can be the perfect antidote to our go-go-go mentality; slowing down, fully feeling, and fully using our whole body can bring all the energy swimming around our head down into the rest of ourselves.

If you, like Nate are also feeling unsure about yoga or intimidated by it, feel free and schedule a private one-on-one yoga session to have a yoga teacher work with you to try a few moves and teach you the basics. If you want to drop in to one of our ongoing classes to see if one feels right for you, feel free to check them out.

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