Roundtable Wellness Experience with Nate: Empaths

Welcome to the sixth vlog Nate published about his progress and experience during our Roundtable Wellness program. The program included several months of acupuncture treatments, yoga, and lifestyle practices focused around nutrition, sleep habits, and self-awareness.

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Feeling all the feels and you don’t know why? Maybe you’re an Empath. What does that mean? Listen to find out. Empathy is a valuable and important virtue. It can also be overwhelming if you don’t know how to keep your boundaries in check.

Some of us need help learning how to put up appropriate energetic boundaries so that we don’t soak up other people’s stuff and make it our own – this is something acupuncture can help with, too, and many healing modalities can.

In this vlog, Nate describes himself and one of his superpowers (we think it’s a super power, he didn’t necessarily say it that way), empathy. This is a must listen for people who find themselves feeling completely overloaded by other people and their emotions.

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