Roundtable Wellness Experience with Nate: Breathing

“If you can turn a moment around, you can turn a day around.” – Nate Fisher

Welcome to the fourth vlog Nate published about his progress and experience during our Roundtable Wellness program. The program included several months of acupuncture treatments, yoga, and lifestyle practices focused around nutrition, sleep habits, and self-awareness.

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Breathing is one of those things that so many of us take for granted because we forget to think about it and use it as a tool for soothing our harried, tired nervous systems. In yoga, breathing is a foundation for a healthy and effective practice. In acupuncture treatments, breathing is a conversation we have to mark the beginning of a healthy wellness practice.

In this vlog, Nate talks about his breathing practice and how it is changing his daily life from everything to awareness about his anxiety and depression symptoms to what it’s like walking around town on a regular day.

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