Podcast – Wellness Unlocked: The 80/20 Rule For Wellness

In this episode we discuss how to discern what wellness practices work for you and in what balance. For example, we think eating well matters a ton, yet so do donuts and cookies! We have to have room for both. Joy and Rachel debate about the importance of flossing your teeth and why you might like to take vitamins and/or probiotics. Sam inspires us to make sure we rest enough within our fitness routine and we look at what amount of fitness actually works for each unique person.

If you are looking for help getting your inner chatter to be quiet we love Insight Timer for meditation and Relax M.P. for background sounds you can design yourself. Since we spend some time talking about fitness and the importance of moving, here is a visual lecture on the subject of walking, and it’s not too late to join us for a fitness challenge.

So 80/20% comes down to what we do for wellness about 80% of the time and what we let ourselves off the hook for about 20% of the time. In the end we say that making good choices to find the balance that serves you best comes down to what helps you feel the most self-expressed and what hinders that. And let’s not forget, sometimes the best thing we can do for our wellbeing is to stop being so self-judgemental about it all.

We also discuss our favorite BPA free plastic water bottles, made by Contigo. Why BPA free? Because. No really…it’s because some ingredients in certain plastics (like BPA) have been said to alter your DNA which can cause terrible illness – why not avoid it then? We figure that while you’re figuring how how much H20 is the best amount for you, you can drink out of a great looking and highly functional water bottle on the go.

And finally we answer a question from the community about how to fare better with jet lag. We talk about the importance of having routine before, during and after (with schedules, sleep and food) travel, staying hydrated, using supplements, and how acupressure, acupuncture and yoga can help you get your rhythm back.

Listen to the podcast over on Silver Spring Inc’s page or look it up iTunes or your podcast player under “Wellness Unlocked”.

Feel free to send us your wellness questions at info@thirdspacewellness.com, or tweet to us @ThirdSpaceWell using #WellnessUnlocked.

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